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Disaster rescue plan - Research Paper Example

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Reasons for a multi-disciplinary response The need for more than one option in handling various forms of issues in the everyday happenings of life seem to have been justified to a very large extent by various sayings, proverbs, parables and adages…
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Disaster rescue plan
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When more than one approach, strategy or disciple is adopted in handling a particular disaster incidence, we say a multi-disciplinary response has been adopted. According the Karimganj District Resource Inventory (2011), a “disaster is a sudden, calamitous event bringing great damage, loss, and destruction and devastation to life and property.” Indeed for a large, cargo plane to be on fire prior to its scheduled flight is less than a disaster, which like all other forms of disasters, need rapid and urgent management solutions. As the emergency manager my very first approach towards handling such an aircraft disaster would be to contact all needed resource personnel and agencies whose duties are related to disaster management and control. Even before thinking of who and who would be part of the people to be contacted, I would first have in mind the need to make the agencies and personnel multi-disciplinary. In other words, I would form a multi-disciplinary committee. The need for constituting a multi-disciplinary committee lies in the following reasons: firstly, this would provide me the opportunity to tap and enjoy the different expertise and specialization of all the different agencies and personnel who will be contacted. This is because aircraft disasters are caused by a couple of factors, which demand the expertise and knowledge of as many intellectuals as possible. Constituting and multi-disciplinary committee would there put the identification of causes a step further, where by a more holistic approach would be taken by the different agencies. Secondly, a multi-disciplinary response has a greater probability of ensuring efficiency and speedy delivery of mandated task. This advantage is very important because aircraft disasters involve several precious lives and the public would certainly be itchy for information. For this reason, employing the responsibility of finding causes and scrutiny of extent of damage as well as the general management of the disaster into the hands of just a few people or agencies would make the public sit on thorns for long. Finally, a multi-disciplinary response would ensure credibility of findings and management task. This is so to speak because the collective conclusion drawn by many different experts from different backgrounds and with different duties about a single accident is more reliable than a single conclusion drawn by only one agency. Indeed it is for the reason of such advantages of multi-disciplinary response listed above that “in February 2005, the National Integration Center (NIC) gathered together several emergency management organizations to begin collaborating on NIMS implementation” (Federal Emergency Management Agency, 2007). With the above points in mind, as the emergency manager, I would the following agencies for finding causes into the disaster and managing the disaster. They would include the police, the national fire and rescue service, federal bureau of investigation (FBI), Red Cross society and the national media commission. Among these agencies, the national fire and rescue service would be the lead agency when I arrive. The national fire and rescue service would also be responsible for rescuing the crew and mitigating the fire. This is primarily because the fire and rescue service has a core mandate and responsibility of handling fire situations. Apart from the roles mentioned above that would be handed the fire and resc ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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