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Comparative study of earthquake disaster management in 2 countries of Iran and Japan - Essay Example

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Here will be evaluating the earthquake disaster management procedures of the two countries after the earthquake, discern the effects of the earthquake in all aspects of society, determine the most efficient earthquake disaster management between the two countries, and suggests several measures to improve the earthquake disaster management procedures of the lesser effective one adopted by a country…
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Comparative study of earthquake disaster management in 2 countries of Iran and Japan
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Download file to see previous pages Iran could get a few pointers from the way Japan handles earthquake disasters. Foremost in the list is the means of predicting earthquakes. Due to Iran’s lack of apparent resources and technology, its prediction system is inaccurate and inefficient. Japan’s history with earthquakes coupled with its technological and financial prowess has greatly improved its early warning system. Mapping of critical areas and danger zones would be useful given Iran’s situation. City and building planning could also see Japan as an example. Iran’s relative poverty to Japan means it is harder to control city populations and habitat management. Life line resources particularly water should also be given priority particularly in Iran’s already arid climate. Japan has seen to it that rehabilitation of areas hit with earthquakes avoids mistakes that may have happened and intended to surpass post quake productivity and status. Rehabilitation of hit areas in Iran should start as with Japan’s example, from planning, and then adequate construction methods. Japan’s emphasis on building design in relation to earthquakes has prevented maximum damage and improved safety during succeeding quakes. The emphasis on durable material as well as efficient building design has avoided additional casualties from fires and collapse. Japan’s forethought and analysis of events and factors regarding earthquakes as well as their systematic reaction to these factors have helped make Japan foremost in Earthquake management. Iran, facing the same threat would do well to learn from its Asian neighbor and attempt to adopt its protocols and procedures. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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