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Strategic Management in Public Organizations - Case Study Example

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The present case study "Strategic Management in Public Organizations" deals with the non-profit organization operating in Indonesia. According to the text, the people of Indonesia, especially those living in the coastal region, have been in recent years suffered as a result of natural disasters…
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Strategic Management in Public Organizations
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Extract of sample "Strategic Management in Public Organizations"

Download file to see previous pages The problem in human health that arose from the earthquake that occurred on 25 October 2010 in Indonesia is a major concern worth analysis and discussion. The health deterioration in the coastal region and the island is an issue of concern because the earthquake destroyed the sewage system. The lack of a proper sewage system has triggered the outbreak of waterborne diseases such as cholera in the country. Therefore, there is a need to intervene and restore the order as fast as possible. Restoring the system will help reduce the deaths that are occurring in the region because of cholera.
GoodLife’s vision is built towards making the lives of people in the country better and enjoyable. We, therefore, establish our camp on regions enduring difficulties due to lack of adequate resources or government intervention. Moreover, the organization intervened in the situation being led by the following principles that form our vision.
Considering these objective principles, the vision of the GoodLife is clear. Our ambition is to work with the community and to recuperate their life. Our long-time goals are to lead non-governmental organization in providing help to the needy communities in the country. Our position to the vision statement is driven by credible research that moves the community to inquire about their problem. The organization analyze the problem and outline the possible measures that can be used to remedy it.
Our specific objective in this mission to solve the problem of the sewage system in the coastal region and the Mentawai Islands. Our specific objectives aims are disconnecting the main cause of cholera in the country. Goodlife aims to reconstruct the sewerage system and build new toilets and latrines. The communities have experienced the problem of sewerage with little support from the government.
There are a number of activities that are to be carried out in order to hit our objectives. Goodlife seek qualified contractors to be involved in the construction of waterways.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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