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It needs to be understood that strategies define the vision and mission of organizations along with sources and resources required to achieve the common objectives of…
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Define term Strategic organization and Credibility in public speech
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[21/09 Public Speech- Strategic Organization Strategic organization is often defined as the study of strategicmanagement pertaining to an organization. It needs to be understood that strategies define the vision and mission of organizations along with sources and resources required to achieve the common objectives of organizations. Strategic organization is also defined as putting a speech together in a specific manner for specific results with a specific set of audience. This speech encompasses the common aims and objectives of the organization meant for specific people to achieve specific results in a desired period of time. Michelle Griffin in her video, “Strategic Organization Road Map” defined strategic organization as the development of organization’s objectives structured in a logical and systematic manner to achieve desired organization’s results.
The best example of strategic organization can be of sharing the mission statement of the organization with stakeholders. The information structured in the report offers good amount of information on the organization’s mission and its long term objectives. The specific audience here is stakeholders and specific result is to attain future goal and objectives through shared ideas and strategies. Thus, it is very much clear that strategic organization is often perceived as the study of an organization’s strategies based on the management decisions. However, in public speech it is also perceived as putting ideas and information together in a manner that is easy to understand and deliver. It caters to the need of specific people in a systematic manner. It is a process that is developed through the understanding of internal and external environment to reap desired value and benefits.
In literal sense, credibility is defined as the quality of being believable and trustworthy among others in the personal and professional world. Credibility needs trust and belief that differs from person to person and thus making the whole process of being trustworthy; a complicated one. However, this complexity is eliminated by being honest and clear with one’s ideas and perception along with having a compassionate nature embedded with convincing power and skills. It needs to be understood that people find it difficult to accept the credibility of an individual without assessing his talent and potential. The assessment of one’s skills and potentials offers belief and trust that redefines credibility in a contrasting manner.
Tracy Goodwin in her video, “Persuasive Speaking Tips: Credibility in Persuasive Speaking” defines credibility as an ability to create a connection with audiences along with convincing them on an idea or perception. The acceptance of the speaker depends on his ability to connect with audiences through his words and gestures. It requires a bit of experience to master the art of a convincing and persuasive people but helps in being credible. It is important to use authentic information in manner that is easy to understand and believe.
The credibility of Barack Obama, Steve Jobs, Terry Leahy and Churchill has never been doubted by the masses. The prime reason behind this was their ability to present the information in a credible manner. They won hearts and minds at will that differentiated them from others in terms of being credible and trustworthy. The art of being credible is heavily dependent on being honest and compassionate. It is important to play with attractive words having true value and recognition. Thus, it can be said that credibility is a mixture of few attributes that need to be honed in order to become a credible individual in the personal as well as in the professional life.
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