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Credibility of International Human Rights Organizations - Term Paper Example

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Name: Course: Date: Credibility of International Human Rights Organizations The history of human rights dates back to 1948, when 56 members of the United Nations adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This declaration spelled out the fundamental rights and freedoms of humans (Barsh, 88)…
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Credibility of International Human Rights Organizations
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Download file to see previous pages The organizations play their roles through mobilizing people and confronting any institution or individuals who are acting in an injustice or inhuman manner, thus jeopardizing the dignity of humanity. The International Human Rights Organizations monitors basic human right issues all over the world and promote their views on such issues (Barsh, 113). They undertake their responsibilities through lobbying and advocacy, trying to convince the United Nations as well as other national governments to adopt their established policies on human rights and freedoms (Emilie and Kiyoteru, 407). Such International Human Rights Organizations have observers in many regions of the world where they monitor and give their views on the violation and abuse of human rights in those regions. To protect and promote human rights the world over, such organizations collaborates with other regional and locally based organizations, as well as human rights defenders, to mobilize, lobby and advocate for non-violation of basic human rights by governments and other institutions (James and Peter, 276). However, the idea of human rights protection have been overemphasized in the last two decades, with human rights organization taking the center stage in running the affairs of the people. More than ever in the world, human rights organizations have been integrated in each aspect of a countries affair, having the media focus on them and huge budget allocations channeled towards them (Emilie and Ron, 375). The support for human rights organization has been immense from the public, since they perceive such organizations as their protector against the violations of their basic freedoms and rights by the government. Therefore, human rights organizations have become an effective platform through which people advocate for their rights and seek redress whenever their freedoms and rights are violated. Thus, the reputation of International Human Rights Organizations has grown bigger than of many other leading corporations (Emilie and Kiyoteru, 407). Though in the 1970s such organizations were excluded in the main global policy circles, these has changed with any policy involving finance, security and power incorporating these organizations at the center stage of such issues. Thus, human rights have been integrated in the global culture, where every aspect of human interaction has to be aligned based on the policies and views promoting human rights and freedoms. Social change in the developing world is greatly imparted by the International Human Rights Organizations, as any aspect of social change in such countries has to be monitored and assessed based on how it suits the established policies by these organizations. For such organizations, two basic issues are fundamental for their success in actively playing their roles. The first of this fundamental task is to persuade the political, social, and economic elites that human rights are universal and desirable for all, and thus they should be promoted at whatever cost (Emilie and Ron, 375). This can be achieved through having politicians and other social elites prioritize human right issues in their meetings and forums. Journalists and bureaucrats have an enormous role to play in promoting these issues through articulating them in media. The second tasks are translating the human rights language and policies into a reality and have such ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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