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Firefighter injuries and deaths - Research Paper Example

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Firefighter Deaths and Injuries Introduction Firefighters experience serious risks to their health and life due to the nature and conditions of their work. The problems are because of exposure to numerous physical agents both the physical and thermal workload and chemical agents which could be toxic, and above all the high level of stress during emergency operations (Szubert & Sobala, 49)…
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Firefighter injuries and deaths
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Download file to see previous pages Peterson adds that firefighters opt to protect property and save people under serious and risky circumstances. In the United States, about 100 firefighters die annually in the line of duty while about 95,000 are injured, according to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health report of 2006 (2). In the United States, twenty-one firefighters died in 2005, during the execution of non-emergency-related on-duty doings. Moreover, there was one fatal stroke case as well as five sudden cardiac deaths among the firefighters while undertaking the usual station or administrative activities. While engaging in activities like a funeral detail, attendance at a convention, a parade, and fire apparatus maintenance four firefighters died due to sudden cardiac death or stroke. On the other hand, three firefighters lost their lives when their helicopter crashed while they were lighting fires at a set burn. In addition, crashes claimed other five lives -- one each while en route to get a vehicle inspection sticker, after a boat parade, during a conservation project, while en route to pump out a residence, and while driving to a meeting (Fahy & LeBlanc, 3). Causes and Mitigation Strategies of Firefighter injures and deaths There are various health impairments and disorders influenced by the job attributes. These comprise traumas, injuries, cardiovascular diseases, lung cancer respiratory diseases, and cancers of other sites like large intestine, bladder or kidney. Mental disorders referred to as the post-traumatic stress disorder are of much significance among health effects because of a traumatic experience in health-hazardous or a life-threatening circumstance. Long after original trauma, there could be manifestation of serious health problems (Szubert & Sobala, 49). There are reports on an upward trend in the incidence of heat stress injuries during wild land firefighting operations. There can be dehydration by the firefighter when he or she is working under both high ambient air temperatures and high radiant heat flux conditions. This can also occur if positive preventative procedures are not implemented as a normal way of doing business on a daily basis heat stress can be experienced (Mangan, 38). It is in the operational area at the scene of a fire that about one-third of on-duty firefighter fatalities occur. The deaths occur because of asphyxiation, sudden cardiac death, electrocution, stroke, crushing injuries, internal trauma, and burns while restraining or putting out fires. In addition, another one-third of on-duty deaths happen on the way to or from an event in motor vehicle and other accidents. On the other hand, ten percent of firefighter casualties occur during training, for example physical fitness activities, apparatus and equipment drills, classes or seminars, underwater/dive training, and live fire training. It is also possible for the firefighters to die while carrying out nonemergency on-duty activities and at non-fire emergencies. Traumatic injuries account for more than one-half of all on-duty firefight ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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