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Prevention of Firefighters' Deaths During Disasters - Research Paper Example

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The study “Prevention of Firefighters’ Deaths During Disasters” touches on such a dangerous occupation which annually kills one hundred firefighters and injures 80,000 American heroes. This paper delves into legislation emerging firefighter fatalities and NIOSH firefighter fatality investigations…
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Prevention of Firefighters Deaths During Disasters
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Extract of sample "Prevention of Firefighters' Deaths During Disasters"

Download file to see previous pages Since the year 2000, the yearly average has declined to ninety-nine firefighter line-of-duty deaths from one hundred and fifty-one deaths in the 1970s. Between the year 1977 and the year 2006, the United States recorded a 43% decline in the yearly number of firefighters who die while in the line-of-duty. This considerable decline in the line-of-duty fatalities is attributed to an enhancement in firefighter safety and health standards as well as practices, especially in the areas of PPE, physical fitness and training.
The most prevalent firefighter duty types that expose firefighters to fatalities include during training, during fire ground operations, and while responding to or coming back from alarms. Causes of firefighter deaths include exertion and stress, with sudden cardiac death being a leading cause of firefighter fatalities, accounting for almost half of Firefighter Line of Duty Deaths per annum. It is important to note that firefighters who follow a proper diet as well as exercise regimen and are part of a wellness program department are less likely to be victims of stress and exertion fatalities.
The second cause of firefighter fatalities is being hit by an object or contact with an object. Vehicular crashes are second-highest causes of firefighters’ line-of-duty deaths. In this group also are firefighters who die because of falling objects for instance collapsed roofs as well as walls. It also comprises of firefighters who are exposed to live electrical equipment. A number of vehicular crashes and deaths take place in the wild-land surroundings where the topography is not favorable to safe driving. Excessive speeding and failure to wear seat belts are other contributing factors of firefighter deaths.
The third cause of firefighter fatalities is being caught or trapped, which is the consequence either a rapid-fire development, for example, backdraft or flashover or firefighters’ loss of orientation with their environment, losing contact with their team or partner, or both; as well as running out of the air. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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