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Project part 4 - Research Paper Example

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Your Name: Class: The Chinese Farmer All my life I have lived in the province of Jilin, Northeast Part of China which was formerly called Manchuria. All of my immediately family lives in the same house which includes my wife, my four children and my mother…
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Project part 4
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Download file to see previous pages It is not that bad because during summer, there is usually a heavy rainfall which helps us to grow our crops as it provides enough water for them. We still do the traditional farming despite the advances of machines in agriculture. We plant wheat, maize, potatoes and soybeans. We also consume them because it enables us to save money and sell our surplus in the market. Our village is just small but we have a good sense of community. Although technology has already spread to the rest of China, we still manage to have those traditional good old fun of having tea and good conversation. I start the day early. I usually woke up at 5 in the morning where my wife prepares me food. She also cooks something extra for me to eat for lunch. My children wakes up a little later and prepare for school. After breakfast, I immediately go to the farm either to till the land or plant some crop. Depending on the day of the week, my wife usually go to the grocery during Mondays to buy foods, supplies for the children and buy items for the house .Since I make a living as a farmer, she does not have to buy much from the grocery as many of the items that we eat is already grown in the farm. She just usually shops for meat, some grocery items for the house and kids for the rest of the week. During the rest of the week, she keeps our house tidy and makes sure that our children are well taken cared off. She also does much of the academic tutoring to the children. In the farm, the seeds have to be planted and the land has to be tilled to make sure that I have a good harvest for me to provide my family. Also, I have to check that there no pests destroying my crops especially when harvest time is near. Good harvest is getting tougher to attain because I have to worry about a lot of things. This climate change has really an effect on farming as the weather is now harder to predict. It is no longer the same as before where heavy rains are expected during summer that gives us good harvests. Today, there are times that it does not rain during summer and it is cut shorter for the longer winter. It is bad because it affects my harvest and I do not have a big land to till which is my only source of income. I usually go home at 5 in the afternoon just after the children has arrived from school. After resting for just half an hour, I usually spend time with them and my wife. Afterwhich, we usually have an early dinner to talk about what happened in school and also an opportunity to bond with the family. When we are done and the children are about to attend to their homework, my wife and I entertain ourselves with our modest television set in the house and watch our favorite show. China has already fully opened itself that we are now able to watch foreign syndicated TV shows. The children are already growing up and I am afraid that they may not get a good job in the future because jobs are getting scarce in China. I do not want them to end up as a farmer like me because life as a farmer can be difficult and it no longer that profitable. African Parent My name is Jumoke and I am from South Africa. I am an Afrikaner, a black man and a head of a family of five. My wife and our three children live in a modest house in Cape Town, the capital of South Africa. Life has changed for us black people for the better since the dismantling of apartheid. It took several decades for us to really live equally with the whites but now we are already equal on all aspects. I am working in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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