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Ethnic studies - Research Paper Example

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1. Contributions Answer: The African – American Civil Rights movement led to collective action which was initiated from every individual. Explain: Silent protests, mass decisions to change laws in public communities and create a sense of equality to show how change should be made were the basis of this…
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Ethnic studies research paper
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Download file to see previous pages When groups decided to change the schooling system for African – Americans, it took an entire group going to the school and pushing the children in the school for admittance. These types of actions began to change the mentality of those that were in the movement (Chong, 5). Comment: The African – American relationship to collective activism is one which was reflective of society and the changes which were being made at a grassroots level. It was the group initiatives that show the main changes made within society. Answer: The Mexican – American movement showed unified identity of Chicanos, but based the movement specifically on unifying working positions and moving outside of second class citizenship. Explain: Mexican – Americans were interested in gaining higher status and in showing that, while ethnicity may be different and diverse, they were also American with the culture that had been adapted. Support: The activism led to not only basic rights, but also was linked to the class differences which were determined by race. The Mexican – Americans were typically migrants from a different country, which led to the inequality and lack of rights. Second class citizenship of Mexican – American citizens was the mentality, as opposed to the defined and sanctioned segregation of African – Americans. ...
Comment: The concept of second class citizens unifying and using activism for change is the main point and shows how this relationship began to change the Civil Rights movement for Mexican – Americans. 2. Method: Answer: The methods of mobilization that were used to fulfill the Asian – American Civil Rights movements were inclusive of institutions first that led to a change in social stigma. Explain: Asian – Americans used resources in the community, such as schools, higher education, court systems and other valuable areas to show that they had the same capabilities as other Americans and were not recognized. Support: The Asian – Americans moved into institutions first to show their identity, such as schools, businesses and other areas. There was then a challenge within the community to show that all had the same potential within the community. After this, the society was able to accept the change with public opinions and moved into various applications to change policies that were based on second – class citizenship. The pressure from the community was created first from relating to the top resources in the country and changing policies as a result (Espiritu, 92). Comment: This resource shows that the concept of showing that Asian – Americans weren’t second – class citizens was done by showing that all were able to tap into and use the same resources while setting examples within society. Answer: The Native American movement used the approach of resources and unification of the tribes throughout America to gain rights that had before been taken away. Explain: Connecting to other tribes and initiating new components that were requested in the United States included changing the social status and connecting to the Civil Rights movement to show ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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