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African Politics - Essay Example

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A political ideology refers to ethically-set ideals, symbols, myths, doctrines, or principles of a specific (social) movement, class, or institution that guides the society in its way of working, offering cultural and political guidelines for the social order. This essay will…
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African Politics
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Extract of sample "African Politics"

Download file to see previous pages Its aims were to create separate institutions, and to some extent separate homelands, for the black people who existed in white-dominated settlements in ancient America. Black separatists’ arguments were that the white people oppressed the blacks, and that it was impossible for the blacks to advance in any way when living in a white-dominated societies. The proponents of this movement pushed for segregation of black institutions such as business schools so that the blacks themselves would direct them (Selverstone 160). Concisely, the main objectives of this movement were to separate the black societies from the white to achieve means of making them independent and self-sufficient to survive in an environment that was hostile.
One of the dominant black elites of this movement includes Marcus Garvey’s Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA), and the Nation of Islam. Marcus Garvey, unlike other activists, did not advocate for segregation within white territories, rather, Garvey’s UNIA elite called on the black society to move from America and return to their “homeland” in Africa, Liberia to be specific (Lawler & Davenport 80-82). The second elite, Nation of Islam, was founded by Wallace D. Fard Muhammad, and called for the establishment of new independent states for blacks only in the white territories. In addition, it provided economic, social, mental, and spiritual support for African Americans. According to its sympathizers, the black community would only foster if it had its own states with black schools, police, politicians, and businesses.
This is an umbrella movement that housed other smaller social movements that aimed at ending discrimination, segregation by race, and enforces the voting rights of blacks living in the United States. This movement employed mostly campaigns of civil resistance, implementing civil disobedience and non-violent protests as tactics to create crises that would make the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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African Politics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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