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Honoring Nursing - Assignment Example

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In the paper “Honoring Nursing” the author interviewed a current nurse in order to gain her experience, reminiscence, opinion of being a nurse and her advice to the nursing students. The nurse recalled her nursing experience as tough and bitter…
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Honoring Nursing
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Extract of sample "Honoring Nursing"

Download file to see previous pages  Furthermore, they have to work on weekends, nights, holidays, giving them very little time to bring up their children or relate to their families. Dealing with sick people who are sometimes very violent together with the lonely environment has made nursing profession very persevering. This has called for the need to honoring nurses, since they are very kind and caring, and do their work with passion despite the dangers that they are exposed to. Interview The elements of therapeutic communication that I utilized are being realistic in my relationship with the interviewee. That is, avoiding judging or making assumptions about her behavior and that of the patients who were around, by allowing their personal identity. The other element was being emotionally mature in postponing satisfaction of my own personal needs in deference to those of the interviewee, by finding other sources to meet my needs, other than therapeutic relationships. The adaptations that were made to the communication style to accommodate sensory deficits with the interviewee were speaking very closely to the nurse to ensure that she gets everything. Additionally, communication had to be in low tone to avoid disturbing the patients who need to rest. Since the nurse was on duty, I had to follow her to various work stations to avoid shouting as well as ensuring that he hears and answers each of my questions well. To establish the foundation for helping the relationship in which the interviewee feels comfortable in sharing, I first greeted the nurse, introduced myself, my names, name of my learning institution and my aim of interviewing her. I also asked her if she could mind helping interview her. All along, I had to look and be very friendly to her to create a friendly environment that could help in cooperation. The technique used to elicit professionalism was first to inform the nurse that the information she was going to give would be confidentially treated and therefore, it could not have any negative effects on his profession and career. To effectively start the interview, I started telling her about my experience, ambitions, and what I think about nursing as a nursing student. After this, she was eager to tell me the truth on areas of my deficits and where I had excessive hopes as a nursing student. This created a very conducive environment for me dig further into everything that I wanted to know. She became very eager to make everything very clear to me, so that I could know the reality in order to be well prepared (mentally, physically and psychologically) when my time comes. Entering into professional-student discussion with a current nurse in the interview role can be an intimidating experience. Maintaining professionalism at all times made me keep focused during the interview. As a student nurse, I ensure professionalism at all times my first of all ensuring that I was dressed like a nurse, low heeled shoes, and nursing students’ uniform. During the interview, I ensured that I did not ask any question that could give information related to a particular patient or person. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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