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Practicum documentation and evidence of accomplishment manual - Essay Example

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Practicum Documentation and Evidence of Accomplishment manual Name Institution Table of Contents Contents Table of Contents 2 Contents 2 Introduction 4 1.Raising HCAHPS Scores 4 a.Raising HCAHPS Scores-Annotated bibliography 4 b.Copy of the Survey 6 c.Review of the survey tool as developed with mentor 7 d.Summary of the Survey Results 9 e.Documented Meeting from the Mentor and the Administration of the Survey 10 2.Developing an action plan 12 a.Conduct literature search on developing an action plan for improving HCAHPS scores 12 b.Developing the Action Plan 13 c.Review of action plan with mentor and administration…
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Practicum documentation and evidence of accomplishment manual
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Download file to see previous pages 15 3.Implementation of the Action Plan 17 a.Implementation of action plan and personal learning 17 b.Feedback Report from the Mentor 18 4.Evaluate Overall Project 19 a.Copy of evaluation tool and brief explanation 19 b.Summary of evaluation tool results took place one week after implementation 21 c.Comparing HCAHPS scores before and after implementation. ...
In line with this, this was crucial in identifying the reasons why healthcare facilities sought to improve HCAHPS scores. From this general perspective, it was crucial to identify the need to improve HCAHPS scores in Ben Taub General Hospital (BTGH), which is the facility that I was carrying out my practicum. In effect, this is a documentation of the whole process that focuses on explaining the process involved and the steps involved in achieving these crucial objectives. 1. Raising HCAHPS Scores a. Raising HCAHPS Scores-Annotated bibliography This activity involved researching from peer-reviewed journals on the need to improve the HCAHPS scores in any organization. Appendix 1 represents the final annotated bibliography for this practicum activity. It is important to point out that the bibliography is presented in APA style with each peer reviewed journal article providing a summary of the article’s methods and the approach used to determine the usefulness of the journal to the project practicum. It is crucial to point out that the practicum project had to be organized in an approach that ensured the achievement of the overall goals of the project. However, the achievement of this goal would not have been possible without engaging in a process of research that enhanced the success of the project. The journal articles were important in enhancing the success of the project since they underlined the importance of the project, which was to improve the HCAHPS scores in a healthcare facility. The journals highlight the process of raising the HCAHPS scores in a healthcare facility. Some of the journals start by providing of an explanation about the concept of HCAHPS. In this case, they underline the areas that are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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