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Cancer pain in end of life cancer patients - Research Paper Example

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Cancer pain in end of life cancer patients 1. Ferrel, B., Levy, M.H. And Paice, J. (2008) Managing pain from advanced cancer in the palliative care setting, Clinical Journal of Onchology Nursing, 12 (4), 575-81. This article stresses upon the need of “managing complex pain at the end of life” and assuming that best care to such patients can be given only by understanding the “physiological sources of pain”, utilizes an interdisciplinary team to assess the “physiological, social and spiritual factors” involved (Ferrel, Levy and Paice, 2008, p.575)…
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Cancer pain in end of life cancer patients
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Download file to see previous pages The article has prepared a step by step, scientific methodology for pain assessment and intervention strategies and based on this methodology, has thoroughly examined the case and provided care as the multidisciplinary team went on recording and analyzing the interventions as well. The study has utilized a standardized scale to assess pain, used four basic approaches to pain relief that includes, “modify the source(s) of pain(s)(,) alter the central perception of pain(,) modulate transmission of pain to the central nervous system(,) (and) block transmission of pain to the central nervous system (Ferrel, Levy and Paice, 2008, p.575-577). It has also made use of approved methods of pharmacological management of pain including co-analgesic therapy (Ferrel, Levy and Paice, 2008, p.577). ...
2. Fayers, P.M., Hjermstad, M.J., Klepstad, P., Loge, J.H., Caraceni, A., Hanks, G.W. ...Kaasa, S. (2011), The dimensionality of pain: Palliative care and chronic pain patients differ in their reports of pain intensity and pain interference, Pain, 152 (7), 1608-20. This article has drawn attention to the importance of accurate assessment of pain in palliative care (Fayers et al., 2011, p.1608). This is observed in the context that different chronic pain patients report the intensity of pain in different degrees (Fayers et al., 2011, p.1608). This study has made use of quantitative methodology to assess pain in chronic pain patients and carried out a questionnaire survey of a sample of such patients. By carrying out a psychometric analysis of the data collected, this article has provided statistical information based on which, two main dimensions of pain have been identified, namely, “intensity and interference” (Fayers et al., 2011, p.1608). It is inferred that in order to have a “higher-level summary measure of patient's pain experience”, the two dimensions, intensity and interference both have to be assessed in a distinct manner (Fayers et al., 2011, p.1608). Though this article does not directly deals with the proposed change put forth by this researcher, it provides crucial information on the nature and factor influencing reported pain in palliative patients. Yet, this article does not provide information on morbidity, mortality, and rate of incidence or rate of occurrence in the general population, of this problem. 3. Kumar, S.P. (2011), Reporting characteristics of cancer pain: A systematic review and quantitative analysis of research publications in palliative care journals, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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