Proposal for Implementing Computer-assisted Instruction (CAI) With IBMs SPSS Research Analysis - Article Example

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During a nursing student’s training, very little emphasis is given on how to work with a statistics analysis program while conducting a research program. In many cases, research studies that are conducted on various health issues require that a professional analyst be hired to conduct the analysis gathered during a study. …
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Proposal for Implementing Computer-assisted Instruction (CAI) With IBMs SPSS Research Analysis
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Download file to see previous pages Benefits: Medical personnel will be able to access this program from their homes by signing into the hospital’s dedicated intranet, designed by IBM, in order to learn analysis components at their will. This program training course will also provide a certification of completion for each level which will be added to the personnel records as part of skillset development on the job. As an additional benefit, there will also be a four-level survey development program added which will train medical personnel on how to efficiently design surveys to maximize the full potential of information gathering from responders in any given research program. This ensures that money spent for research studies are utilized in the most efficient manner possible. This component will utilize Survey Monkey, an online program which gives returns in a number of formats, such as Microsoft Excel, which can then be downloaded into SPSS easily and efficiently. There will also be a process component which shows how to format the Excel data for easy recognition in SPSS during the analysis training sections (Bridgewater, 2008). Institutional Readiness: The hospital has reached a point where adding on research capabilities that benefit its medical staff, will propel the hospital forward as a leader in the research community, both nationally and internationally. This is a bonus for the hospital to be able to charge those medical personnel from the outside who wish to learn research analysis skills as part of their own training progress. For current hospital medical personnel, including medical students and interns, this program will be free (Bridgewater, 2008). Introduction Every field in the human sciences requires a certain amount of analysis as part of evidence-based research. There are a number...
Every field in the human sciences requires a certain amount of analysis as part of evidence-based research. There are a number of software programs available to conduct analysis such as Microsoft’s Excel, Minitab, R, STATS, and others but IBM’s SPSS program has been identified as one of the most extensive programs available to scientific researchers on the market. As many of our nurses at this hospital are in the field of Informatics and /or research, utilizing the IBM SPSS program, along with a learning program, would be of great benefit for those who can assist in additional research in the field of nursing medicine. Accordingly, the hospital has also recognized the value of an efficient training program to help nurses learn this program on their own time. The IBM website has a training session of its own but it is laborious and there would be a more efficient way of training nurses to conduct their research analysis but developing a program geared towards the nursing field. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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