The Critical appraisal of two research articles,critically analyse and evaluate the streights and weaknesses - Essay Example

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The Critical Appraisal of Research Articles on Health and Social Care Technological and research advancements allow people to secure better and safer health care for everyone to enjoy life with optimum level of health. To fulfil this need, scholars pursue researches to provide reliable information on various aspects of health care to set evidence based parameters on safety of innovations in health care…
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The Critical appraisal of two research articles,critically analyse and evaluate the streights and weaknesses
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Download file to see previous pages Critical appraisal is “the process of carefully and systematically examining research to judge its trustworthiness, and its value and relevance in a particular context” (Burls, 2009, pp. 1-8). Its practice in medical field is highly relevant to delineate the useful discoveries from the harmful ones. A quality research is not just one that reflects good composure or format rather it is one that has internal validity which is being free from bias. Therefore, the research must be reviewed particularly in the selection, performance, detection and attrition where bias commonly occurs. Analysis must be conducted from data gathering, collation, down to analysis. In this paper, the author aims to clinically appraise two researches on health and social care. The first is entitled “Efficacy and safety of hyaluronic acid in treatment of leg ulcers: a double-blind randomised controlled trial (Dereure, Czubek and Combemale, 2012, pp. 131-139)” while the other is “The experience of patients with complex wounds and the use of negative pressure wound therapy in a home-care setting (Moffatt, et al. 2011, pp.512-527).” Both are in pursuit of a reliable and sustainable practice caring for patients with chronic wound. The first is a method to hasten healing of chronic wounds through the use of a topical medicine and the other is regarding the social and psychological needs patients with chronic wound under pressure treatment. Each will be presented separately and both research design and methodology will be critiqued. There will be no comparison between the two researches since they differ completely in design and methodology. After discussions and analysis, conclusion of what transpired will be stated. The author elected these studies on chronic wound care as it poses great demand on the current health care system. With the world directing to an aging population, health problems related to obesity, immobility, chronic illness such as diabetes become rampant. These health problems commonly results to chronic wounds that has poor healing and required vast attention from clinicians. In 2009, it was declare to be a great public threat to health and economy as it results to government expenditure of at least 25 billion dollars per annum (Landro, 2012, par.5). Chronic wounds, particularly on the lower extremity, have high prevalence, high cost, and poor clinical outcome. They are often managed by a non-integrated healthcare system which consequentially resulting in an erratic healthcare arrangement. This challenges scholars and scientist to discover and create better technology and technique to better manage chronic wounds in a more sustainable and cost-effective manner (American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 2007, pp.1-8). For years, several methods have reached popularity in the medical scene of managing these type of wounds such as debridement and other surgical procedures, compression dressing, wound dressing with a variety of topical medicines, negative pressure wound therapy, cultured skin cells, pressure redistribution mattress, oxygen chambers, etc. (Landro, 2012, par.4); all of which acclaims to be effective in the healing process of complex wounds. Efficacy and safety of hyaluronic acid in treatment of leg ulcers: a double-blind randomised controlled trial (RCT) (Dereure, et al. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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