Education Patient with Written Information to Reduce Anxiety and Better Compliance in Undergoing Cadiac Catheterization - Dissertation Example

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Educational Information For the Reduction of Anxiety and for Better Compliance among Patients Undergoing Cardiac Catheterization By Course Institution Date Certificate of Originality I hereby certify that the material used in this research study is original and where material is derived from the work of other researchers it properly cited and credited using Harvard referencing format…
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Education Patient with Written Information to Reduce Anxiety and Better Compliance in Undergoing Cadiac Catheterization
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Extract of sample "Education Patient with Written Information to Reduce Anxiety and Better Compliance in Undergoing Cadiac Catheterization"

Download file to see previous pages __________________ for their unwavering guidance and direction throughout the course of this dissertation planning, preparing and drafting. The points needed to mention in the acknowledgements as below. I would also like to thank and acknowledge the support of the staff of ____________ Education (U.K.) administrative office. A special thanks and appreciation goes out to my family members, classmates and colleagues for their sincere support and encouragement without which I could not have completed this dissertation. I also want to thank everyone who helped me in anyway whatsoever. Abstract Aims This research study is a critical appraisal of the effectiveness of educational information intervention on patient anxiety in preparing for cardiac catheterization. Methods This is a critical literature review. The critical literature review is conducted using a framework for conducting a critical appraisal of quantitative research as recommended by Coughlan, et. al.,(2007). The critical appraisal is also conducted using a framework for conducting a critical appraisal of qualitative research as recommended by Ryan, et. al.,(2007). Six journal articles were selected based on the study’s inclusion and exclusion criteria. ...
Specifically, this study finds that patient education prior to undergoing cardiac catheterization significantly decreases fear, uncertainty and distress among patients anticipating the experience of undergoing cardiac catheterization. In turn, patients are more willing to comply with pre-cardiac catheterization and post-catheterization instructions. The combined effect of compliance and reduced anxiety helps patients make a more fruitful and time efficient recovery. Discussion Implications for future research and clinical practice are discussed. The weaknesses and strengths of the research and the underlying research studies critically appraised are revealed. The study makes recommendations informed by the results and the analysis of the results. This study is important because it can contribute to existing knowledge by identifying the current status of the knowledge relative to the reduction of patient anxiety over undergoing cardiac catheterization via education and what areas may require further research for improving on the current knowledge base. Moreover, by identifying the current status of knowledge relative to reducing patient anxiety via education for improving the effectiveness of cardiac catheterization, nursing practices can be informed by the benefits of using education as a method of managing patient anxiety. Conclusion Essentially, this research report identifies and explains how this research can inform research and practice relative to the reduction of patient anxiety in anticipation of cardiac catheterization. This study concludes that the reduction of anxiety and psychological distress prior to undergoing cardiac ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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