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Community Planning and Evaluation - Essay Example

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Community Planning and Evaluation Institution Community Planning and Evaluation Introduction Drug abuses have over years become ordinary observable fact in modern societies. Recent surveys and researches have revealed considerable increases in the number of young drug abuser…
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Community Planning and Evaluation
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Download file to see previous pages Public health hospital in Canada has as well revealed the ever increasing cases if drug related complications. Therefore, community health programs require an all-inclusive planning, monitoring, and evaluation mechanisms. The need for an exclusive planning in community health programs is especially elevated by the, increased need for evidence-based programs as well as demands for quality health standard practices. Nurses in collaboration with community members, technocrats from other disciplines, and key stakeholders in health sectors plays an incredibly remarkable role in reducing mortality rate brought about by preventable diseases (Louise & Blue, 2008). The Canadian Community Health-Nursing Standard of Practice has also developed an outline that explains how nurses should plan community programs, redesign the already available programs, monitor the execution of the planned programs, and examine the impacts of the planned program. The issue of illicit drug abuse in Canada has become a common phenomenon across all ages in the society. The Canadian government has as a result instituted various measures to address the menace. However, the government plans are yet to yield the required benefits. Due to increased level of aboriginal drug users among middle aged people in Canada, the community health programs intends to address the issues of prostitution, high HIV/AIDS prevalence, and substance abuse among young women (Black et. al., 2010). In addition, such health programs aim at highlighting burglary, sabotage, and health related effects, as well as, other regrettable consequences faced by the affected individuals. The department of health in Canada has observed a high risks associated with illicit drug use among the aboriginal homeless women. Increased number of prostitute’s reportedly missing; increased police cases and complaints on aboriginal women are some of the indicators of overuse of illicit drugs among aboriginal women (Louise & Blue, 2008). Moreover, several aboriginal women have been observed to be in a state of ill health with most of them being infected with HIV. The purpose of this study is to provide students with the ability to develop a program for health promotion. The program is also focused on the most effective means of dealing with illicit drug use among aboriginal homeless women aged 14-30 living in Downtown Eastside of Vancouver, Canada. The specific objectives of the program planning, implementation, and evaluation include ensuring increased immunization against contagious diseases among school going girls, awareness creation on illicit drug use and educating the young women on the risks associated with substance abuse for instance contraction of the HIV virus. The study also intends to promote public health standards by involving the homeless women in community activities. The health promotion program is also aimed at ensuring decreased rates of prostitution by empowering the society on the risks associated with it (Hitchcock, Schubert & Thomas, 2003). The study also intends to evaluate on the number of school going girls who indulge in prostitution and illicit drug use among the aboriginal women. The program planning, implementation and evaluation will provide the timeline, outcomes, resources and constraints, as well as, how will be implemented and evaluated (Louise & Blue, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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