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Care of the Patient in the Surgical Environment - Essay Example

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An essay "Care of the Patient in the Surgical Environment" wishes to explain the principles of maintaining the sterility and controlling infection in the theatre and the potential hazards to the patient. It will also demonstrate skills to use equipment within the operating theatre…
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Care of the Patient in the Surgical Environment
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Download file to see previous pages It will also demonstrate skills to use equipment within the operating theatre and knowledge in associated dangers. Body The patient Patient Miss WC (not her real name) is an 82-year-old female who was having surgery after having fallen outside her house while waiting to cross the road during the morning hours. To safeguard her anonymity and confidentiality, she will be referred as Patient WC. Such confidentiality is being maintained in order to protect her identity and maintain her confidence in the nursing research and practice. She was diagnosed with a medial malleolus fracture in her right ankle and was scheduled to undergo an internal fixation of her fracture. She has been widowed for five years now, has two children, and a generally active social life. She is active in the local community social gatherings, joining her fellow senior citizens in various activities like ballroom dancing. In recent years since her husband’s death, she has minimized her involvement in the social activities, mostly because she still feels saddened and lonely about losing her husband of 50 years. She also has limited her physical and social activities because she often feels easily tired and exhausted when engaging in her usual activities. She has no known medical problems, has had no previous operations, and no known allergies. Before her fracture, she has been independently mobile and has been generally carrying out her activities of daily living independently. At present, due to her injury, she has limited mobility and needs assistance in her daily activities. The initial assessment indicated that her BP was at 140/90; her height was 5 foot 4 inches and her weight was at 150 pounds placing her BMI at normal; heart rate at 75 bpm; breaths rate at 22 breaths per minute; and her temperature at 36.5 degrees Celsius. The fracture of her medial malleolus (right) is basically a fracture of her ankle. A medial malleolus fracture represents a fracture of the body processes in the inner area of her ankle, known as the medial malleolus (Physio Advisor, 2008). The lower leg has the two long bones of the tibia and the fibula and the tibia has a bony process found in the inner aspect of the ankle, and such is known as the medial malleolus. In certain activities, stress is often placed on the tibia and the medial malleolus and this stress cause the medial malleolus to break (PhysioAdvisor, 2008). These breaks often occur in rolled ankles in instances of significant weight bearing forces. They may also be apparent during awkward landings from a jump, from falls following a direct blow to the front aspect of the ankle. It is a fracture common in running and jumping sports, usually with changes in direction in sports activities like football, soccer, rugby, and basketball (PhysioAdvisor, 2008). Patients with a medial malleolus fracture often express that they experience the sudden onset of a sharp and intense pain in the inner ankle or lower leg during their injury (PhysioAdvisor, 2008). For some patients, limping is possible soon after their injury, but for some others, weight-bearing is often not possible, especially where their malleolus is misplaced. These patients may often experience swelling in their ankle, including bruising and pain on firm touching (PhysioAdvisor, 2008). Pain is often exacerbated by movements or with standing and walking. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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