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Analysis of protocol for Management of Hypertension in Adults - Research Paper Example

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Analysis Of Protocol For Management Of Hypertension In Adults" Protocol Overview Hypertension is emerging as one of the fastest progressing fields in medical science. The condition is emerging as a challenge across the world due to its high rate of prevalence and affiliated hazards of cardiovascular and renal diseases (Whelton, 1997)…
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Analysis of protocol for Management of Hypertension in Adults
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Download file to see previous pages A decision to embark upon antihypertensive therapy effectively commits the patient to life-long treatment, hence it is vital that blood pressure (BP) monitoring and management be taken seriously by pursuing the set norms and protocols to safeguard individuals from numerous predicaments (High Blood Pressure). The present article is an analysis of the Protocol For Management Of Hypertension in Adults to have a deeper understanding for hypertension measurement. Blood Pressure Measurement "Protocol For Management Of Hypertension In Adults" is based on the guidelines of National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) for the hypertension management in adults in primary care. The protocol lays emphasis on the accuracy and precision of the blood pressure management, appropriate training of the health care provider and periodic review of the individual suspected or confirmed with the condition of hypertension. This holds true because precision is imperative in measurement of blood pressure. Any inaccuracy in the measurement of blood pressure may turn out to be overwhelming. Measurement of blood pressure is the most prevalent assessment in clinics, interpretation or analysis of the results or outcomes procured are responsible for future implications, an imperative step for the individual whose BP is measured. Any error in the reading or ignorance in taking the exact reading or taking a low reading than actual, may deprive the individual from taking medication at the right time and thereby enhances the susceptibility of the person for stroke or heart attack. Alternatively, if the person is normal and the measurement of the blood pressure is taken high the individual may be exposed to the BP lowering medication without any basis. These may result in serious implications, therefore, it is highly imperative to get an accurate measurement of blood pressure (O’Brien, et al, 2010; Hypertensive Crises: Recognition and Management). The current protocol emphasizes on the appropriate servicing and calibration of the equipment. As blood pressure is a hemodynamic variable, to get an accurate reading of blood pressure it is highly essential to have a validated measuring device in clinical settings in order to prevent erroneous outcomes. As per the protocol routine blood pressure measurement must be performed at least every 5 years until the age of 80 years, under normal circumstances, every individual who is around 40 years of age or above must get the BP checkup as a routine in 5 years to avert morbidity and mortality caused due to hypertension (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, 2011). However, the current protocol does not mention that treatment and care should consider individual requirement, i.e. care should be person-centred care, which is well explained in the protocol of National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, (2011). The current protocol does not lay emphasis on development of excellent communication skill, which is essential for better compliance and prognosis and is also encouraged by evidence- based research studies. The protocol provided by National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, (2011) on the other hand, facilitates individuals to accomplish learned decisions about their care all. The current protocol further emphasize the fact that individuals with above normal values with the range of 135-139/85-89 ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Analysis of Protocol for Management of Hypertension in Adults Research Paper.
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