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Chronic deseases of Aborigens of Australia - Essay Example

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Running Head: Peritonitis Case Study. Peritonitis Case Study Name:                 Institution:       Date: Introduction The Aborigines are an indigenous Australian group. An estimated 24% of the Aboriginal population lives in remote areas and is considerably marginalized by the Australian mainstream population…
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Chronic deseases of Aborigens of Australia
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Download file to see previous pages The table below shows disparities between the two populations: The implication of these disparities is that the population has a significant shortage of healthcare services. As such, the Aboriginal society has a number of serious health problems such as obesity, substance abuse, renal diseases, high infant mortality, pulmonary diseases and cardiovascular conditions. In spite of the developments in mainstream Australia, the Aboriginal people are still strongly bound to their traditional societal structures. Their society still holds strong family values and highly values family bonds and ties. The Aborigines still hold strong beliefs in their traditions and spiritual life. As such, the provision of healthcare to such a group should take into consideration various factors including their economically disadvantaged position in society and their strong cultural background (Margereson, 2009). This paper critically evaluates the health condition of Peggy Moloney-an elderly Aboriginal lady from New South Wales aged 62. Though primarily admitted for peritonitis, the evaluation will take a critical review of her medical history and experience as well as these elements to her current health, which plagued by multiple conditions. Therefore, cultural, economic, social, psychological and biological elements will be factored in during the evaluation. The mind map on Peggy’s condition starts by reviewing her medical status in relation to her biological and physiological conditions. The major elements of consideration include her medical history and general status of biological/physiological health. Mrs. Peggy’s medical history shows that she developed renal failure seven years ago after a bout of nephritis. This occurred after a treatment of streptococcus infection on her left leg. After an antibiotic treatment, the legs infection was treated, but her nephritis persisted, and finally caused the damage of both kidneys. Her history presents the following conditions 1) Renal failure (2); peritoneal dialysis (3); diabetes mellitus (4); peripheral neuropathy on both feet (5); intermittent claudication; and a cataract on the left eye. Currently, she presents the following symptoms: fever, a general unwell feeling, clouding of central vision, loss of peripheral vision, shortness of breath, swollen lower legs and ankles as well as cellulitis around her catheter insertion site. In Mrs. Moloney’s case the most probable risk to her immediate admission condition-peritonitis-is peritoneal dialysis. This can be inferred from the occurrence of cellulitis on the area around her catheter (Treves, 2008). However, considering her multiple conditions, old age can be cited as a possible biological contributing factor. Notably, old age is characterized by a general decrease in immunity, muscle mass and strength. The decline in immunity on skin cells in the affected area may be a contributing factor to the infection cited on the dialysis catheter point (Lye, MacLennan & Hall 1993). However, primarily the infection may be a result of handling dialysis insertions. The decline in immunity as a result of aging was shown by the multiple conditions that included nephritis and a streptococcal infection on her leg. The persistence of nephritis coupled with weak immune finally led to renal failure, which could have been a result of general decline in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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