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Sexual Health and HIV strategy 2001 - Essay Example

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The paper discusses a health care policy, which is the Sexual Health and HIV Strategy 2001 of the UK and analyses the impact of the policy on the issue of rising rates of unwanted pregnancies in teenagers up to 20 year olds. …
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Sexual Health and HIV strategy 2001
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Download file to see previous pages The intricacies of the policy and statistics on UK’s unwanted teenage pregnancy are also detailed. Finally, the positive role of the strategy for curbing teenage pregnancy rates is described. 1. Introduction The first national strategy to modernize sexual health and to provide HIV services in the country to address the rising number of HIV and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) cases was introduced in 2001. The hazards of poor sexual health are dangerous because unintended pregnancies and certain, sexually transmitted infections can create long lasting effects on one’s lives. The number of people visiting the genito-urinary medicine (GUM) clinics increased by 100% in the last decade and currently, the cases are more than a million in a year in the UK (Department of Health. There exists a clear link between social environment, poverty and sexual ill health (Clements et al, 1998). Impact is also visible on minority ethnic groups and gay men. Furthermore, there have been deviations in the sexual health of people across the country which is not satisfactory. The Sexual Health and HIV Strategy 2001 created a need to raise the level of services in coordination with the principles of NHS plan. HIV is incurable and a life threatening condition and the use of certain drugs can improve the lifespan of infected individuals but it presents severe challenges related to the care, treatment and support, and this strategy recognizes these issues (Dennison, 2004). 2. The Role of Groups in the Formation of the Strategy The Department of Health strives to bring progress in the health and well-being rates in England and wants to make it better in health care and other such values. The Secretary of State for Health in 2001 came out with novel goals for health and social care aimed at 5 primary points (Department of Health, 2011): Patient-led National Health Strategy Coming out with best health scenarios Responsible and autonomous health system Public health improvement Bringing about greater reform in social care The 2001 strategy was to get the service providers and representatives participate. There was a major role for voluntary organizations as well, especially in the field of HIV. An effective partnership with voluntary organizations, service providers and representatives were important. A commitment period of ten years along with a strategic move rendered greater results. Investment of about ?47.5 million extra was set aside for the coming two years to cater to the needs of the scheme (British Medical Association, 2000). The strategy has been successful, as it has definitely brought down the inequalities in sexual health, especially for teenagers (DCSF, 2010). There will be place for advanced, effective and dedicated services that comes without the pressure of sex illness like HIV (CRD, 1997). The 2001 strategy has gained more support through public opinions. The last strategy implemented by the government took up the views of the service users, representatives and the public as a whole, along with stake holders and those involved in the public health field. In order to strengthen the strategy and develop it the best way, the help of professionals and service users was essential. A wide range of professionals and health experts attended the six consultations conducted in England (Department of Health, 2003). The Department of Health supported events like the Brook and the African HIV Policy Network and Terrence Higgins Trust Lighthouse. The National AIDS Trust, FPA and the professional bodies controlling the spread of HIV were identified as a key priority in the Chief Medical Officer’s Infectious Disease Strategy (Bearman and Bruckner, 2001). Getting Ahead of the Curve was the other key stake holder through whom the Department of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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