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Therapeutic approaches - Essay Example

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Transcript analysis assessment Name Institutional affiliation Tutor Date Question 1; using a therapeutic model, make an assessment of this patient using the information in the transcript and discuss how you would intervene, supporting your interventions with therapeutic rationales Transcript analysis assessment In the assessment of the patient in question, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) was recommended, as the best approach towards a comprehensive and detailed analysis of the patient in question…
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Therapeutic approaches
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Download file to see previous pages From a research conducted by Flower et al (1999), it is evident that, the major reasons towards conducting research in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), is to create an opportunity whereby emotional disorders are minimized, as well as, ensuring client take part in active participation in reduction of social disability risks and relapses. Barker (2003) indicates that, in the assessment procedures, it is important that patients are directed towards identifying their problems, establishing the best way forward towards attaining the best solution for their problems, and finally formulate means of working towards their therapies. The Becks inventory indicated that the client in question was suffering from depression, from an analysis and assessment of the transcript. William (1992) indicated that depression is the causative agents of depression are inclusive of dejected moods, feelings of guilt, loss of happiness, pleasure, appetite as well as, concentration. Depression also, has a high relationship with poor concentrations of clients; low energies have also been characterized in depressed individuals. Becks’ five area assessment, according to William and Garland (2002) gave comprehensive answers on why individuals experienced distorted reasoning abilities, behavior and symptoms in the course of assessment. The thoughts of Grand et al (2007) are in line with those of William and Garland (2002) in relation to the model consisting of the five principles. The model highlights issues of the environment, moods, perceptions, characteristic behaviors as well as, individuals’ physical responses. This model is useful for enabling attain an understanding on how various elements are useful are important, in the assessment and introduction of vital CBT skills. Barker (2003) argues that, this form of assessment strategy is useful for a clear evaluation of patient Marie. This strategy will assist on a great mile, why the patient thinks of her situation, why she is inclined to think that way, and if her perceptions affect her both physically and emotionally. From Marie’s response, as indicated in the respondents’ transcript, it is evident what the patient needs and the interventions required for assistance to the patient. One of the earliest symptoms of distorted emotions is deformed posture. This fact can be justified by M1 and M2. From M18 and M19, the feeling of melancholy, guilt and despair are evident. This is also an explanation of Marie’s distorted behavior as evidenced in M14. Marie is indicated to have responded ‘yes’ to a nurse, which meant that she had issues with something that belonged to her being taken. Fox and Convoy, argue that in the assessment process that it is mandatory that people are enlightened on the need to be open on their problems, as well as set clear goals on what they aim to achieve at the end of the therapy. The patient’s symptoms are evident in M18 and M19, whereby the patient’s response may either indicate the patient’s fright or sadness. The patient may also be indicated to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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