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Critique of a published research paper Study type In this review I will analyze a randomized experimental, mixed design (quantitative and qualitative) study conducted in clinical settings (Shadish et al 2002). It is experimental study because it tries to test a hypothesis on a randomized cohort group of surgeons, anesthesiologists and other staff in the operational room, in clinical settings in one hospital…
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Critique of a published research paper
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Download file to see previous pages 2004). Title The title of the study conducted by Nick Sevdalis, Andrew N. Healey and Charles A. Vincent (Nick et al. 2006) is well defined, concise and the reader can effectively understand the topic of this study only by reading the title. The title is informative because it is telling us that the subject of this study is which is important information for future researchers (Polit and Beck 2008). However even though I can clearly understand the subject of this study I can understand very little about the character of this study and the methods they used so based on the title I can’t determine if it is a systematic review, experimental study. Researchers Qualifications Nick et al. 2006 have the appropriate professional qualifications for conduction of this study. This is important because of the character of the research method adopted by the authors. Subject of this study is analysis of communication within the operating room and identification of eventual events that may distract the normal functioning of the surgeon, anesthesiologist or other members present in the operating room. In order to achieve adequate and reliable assessment there is a need of professionals, trained to recognize the subtitle communications within the operation room. They have to be familiar with medical terminology and the surgical procedure in general in order to be able to recognize and differentiate a conversation that may be qualified as distraction or communication that is normal and productive (Dale 2005). As I can see from the qualifications of the researchers (Lecturer in patient safety, Research associate, Professor of clinical safety research - Department of bio-surgery) all of these aspects are covered. Abstract Abstract is a brief summary of an experimental study, research paper, dissertation thesis or some other academic article. It can be viewed as a “point of entry” or general information’s about the paper (Gliner et al. 2000). It is often used as a tool for fast familiarization with the general text. Abstracts are often used by researchers in order to obtain fast information about the essence of the study and to conclude if this study is of any interest for his research. Study conducted by Nick et al. 2006 has abstract included at the beginning of the text. In the abstract authors state the aim of the study: there are problems of communications effectiveness in the operating rooms and authors try to identify the content, initiators and recipients of communications and the level at which the surgical team and its team members are distracted by these case-irrelevant communications or CIC’s. In the abstract I can also see that authors presented a short outline of the methodology that they used in order to obtain the data. At the end of the abstract authors summarize the findings in a conclusion subheading where they point their perspective of the findings of the study and proposal for a future research. As I can see abstract of this study is very informative and concise. Introduction Introduction of the study ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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