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The year 1492, on the evening of August 3, Columbus left from Palos with three ships. He sailed across the oceans and discovered places which were not known to the civilized world of that age. During his voyages he was out of the sight of land for months. During storms, he must have wished he could call for help…
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Future of Marine Communication in the Navy
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Download file to see previous pages As ages went by, the more traditional audio/visual aids used under naval communication were replaced by more advance radio, satellite and underwater communication. The need for development of communication systems in Navy was always greater than it was in merchant ships as a larger number of lives depended on it. The atrocities of war always were a far more serious threat and the slightest mistake could result in catastrophic consequences.
"Communications is everything, it's the ability to pass information down to our units that are supporting us and are working in our group, and up to our bosses so that they have a feeling of assuredness that we're doing the right thing in a timely fashion, and we're answering their questions, as well", Harris said." (http://www.news.navy.mil/search/display.aspstory_id=21269)
The most basic form of audio communication was simply through raising a voice by mariners if the vessel is close enough. Another form is through sounding the horn on the ship. For instance, a long blast every two minutes used when operating in a fog.
Visual communication was widely practiced through the use of lights. Lights were flashed on and off to signal messages between ships. The use of lighthouse is far old. Many of the basic audio visual aids used for centuries by mariners are still in practice.
In 1916, the United States Navy Department was connected by teleph...
Communication was established shortly after this between the office of the Secretary of the Navy and the captain of the battleship New Hampshire. The Secretary then gave orders to the ship for the next day's movements, this being the first event that a ship of the Navy was ever operated direct from the department by wireless telephone. This demonstration was followed by communication with various naval stations, widely separated, by long-distance landline. This accomplishment was nothing but a realization towards the wonders which the future brought with development of communication technology in the Navy.
The Development of Communication Equipments in the Navy
With the realization came concrete steps towards the expansion of the industry of communication equipments for the Navy. Companies started entering into the business of research and manufacturing of such technologies globally. With extensive research a number of systems and technologies emerged. A review of the technologies developed and the companies which developed them is given in the pages that follow.
Marcom - Integrated Communications System
The Marcom is the foundation of the Navy's newest digital integrated voice / data switching system for affordable command and control equipment supporting communications and radio room automation. It uses latest technology to offer the user of command and control system a low cost, user friendly, solution to the complex voice, video and data communications needs of current and future endeavours. L-3 Communication Systems-East designs, located in New Jersey, is specialized in developing, producing and integrating communication systems and support equipment for naval applications. As part of L-3 Communications Corporation, the company is ranked as one ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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