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An Effective Communication Plan - Babcock Marine - Coursework Example

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 This coursework "An Effective Communication Plan - Babcock Marine" discusses the determination of promotional objectives and marketing communication strategies along with promotional mix and utilizing the accessible resources. The coursework analyses effective communication tools…
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An Effective Communication Plan - Babcock Marine
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Extract of sample "An Effective Communication Plan - Babcock Marine"

Download file to see previous pages In the year 2012, the loss of power especially in Devenport Dockyard eventually called for the attention of the senior management team belonging to Babcock Marine in adopting certain effective measures to address and mitigate this issue. This is owing to the reason that the issue had potential nuclear implications in accordance with the report published by the Ministry of Defence (MoD). According to certain nuclear analysts, the power loss which happened in the dockyard that continued for 90 minutes could become “catastrophic” and might prove to be disastrous for Babcock Marine. It can be apparently observed that the power loss was mainly caused due to the fault in the central nuclear switchboard and thus, it was regarded as one of the potentially dangerous events that have been recorded in the year 2012 (BBC, 2013). In this respect, an effective communication plan will be depicted in the form of developing effective communication tools that require be strategically employing as well as managing in an effective manner. The key areas of the communication would generally comprise the determination of promotional objectives and marketing communication strategies along with promotional mix and utilising the accessible resources. The expected outcomes of the above-depicted communication plan can be eradicating the potential problems that would arise due to the power loss and assisting the senior management team of Babcock Marine to handle this issue or problem quite efficiently.  Market Context Technology has been playing a significant role in the remoulding of customer awareness and also to the companies in improving their competitive advantage. A global distribution network is quite essential for marine products or services in order to create a physical identity of those products in front of the consumers. The marine industries have highly been benefited from the competitive strengths prevailing in the UK business market. The UK market is famous for its popularity in maintaining quality and adoption of technical knowledge and skills. Thus, in relation to this scenario, Babcock Marine is having a huge significance in the field of acquiring a huge volume of valuable customers. It is operating in the UK business market, wherein there pertains number of growth opportunities for Babcock. Since the past few years, there have been no change in the economic environment of the UK business market and the only left choices for the company can be viewed as elimination of services, reduction of outputs and seeking for applying different delivery models of the marine services. From a theoretical perspective, it can be apparently observed that the business of Babcock Marine expanded extensively throughout the region of the UK. This can be justified with reference to the fact that it employs nearly about 6,500 competent along with experienced workforce for performing its wide assortment of operational functions to the business markets where it operates (Stratton, n.d.). From the aforesaid study, it can be affirmed that the UK market was much favourable for Babcock Marine (Babcock International Group PLC, 2013).   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Babcock Marine Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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