A summative assignment based on the use a self analysis tool as a Clinical Manager of an Acute Medical Ward - Essay Example

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A SUMMATIVE ASSIGNMENT BASED ON THE USE A SELF ANALYSIS TOOL AS A CLINICAL MANAGER OF AN ACUTE MEDICAL WARD Name: Institution: Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Definition and History 2 Validity of the theory 3 Reliability of the theory 3 CONCEPTS 3 The 16 possible combinations 4 Introverted Characteristics 6 Extraverted Characteristics 6 Sensing Characteristics 6 Intuitive Characteristics 6 Thinking Characteristics 7 Feeling Characteristics 7 Judging Characteristics 7 Perceiving Characteristics 7 Dominant function 8 Orientation of the tertiary function 9 FORMAT AND ADMINISTRATION 10 PRECEPTS AND ETHICS 10 APPLICATIONS 12 CONCLUSION 12 REFERENCES 13 INTRODUCTION Definition and History Mye…
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A summative assignment based on the use a self analysis tool as a Clinical Manager of an Acute Medical Ward
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Download file to see previous pages Jung, its first publishing was done in 1921. The initial questionnaire that developed in into the MBTI Indicator was published 1962. The MBTI mainly focuses normal populations and emphasizes on naturally occurring differences that exist ( Capraro, 2002 p. 590). Origins of the theory Jung's theory publishing was done in 1921 and it was not tested or verified under the controlled studies scientifically but it included clinical observation and introspection as well as anecdote method which are inconclusive in the modern psychology which argue that for the theory to be published it must be studied scientifically. Validity of the theory The statistical validity of this theory and use of psychometric instrument (MBTI) has found criticism in many aspects. It has been argued that there lack critical scrutiny since most of the published material on this MBTI tool was for conferences. About a third or half have been estimated that material used were for the conferences or journals which were edited by its advocates (Capraro, 2002, p.595). Researchers expected bimodal distribution on the peaks almost at the end of the scales but these scores on subscales individually were centrally peaked distributed which was the same as the normal distribution. At the center to subscale a cutoff existed in away that the one score is classified one type while the other as an opposite type. This does not support the concept of type. Reliability of the theory Interpreted reliability from the studies has indicated the test is low. Researchers found that thirty nine percent and seventy six per cent of the test is different types. CONCEPTS As the Manual states this indicator is designed for implementing a hypothesis or a theory. Therefore the hypothesis should be comprehended so as to understand the Myers Briggs Type Indicator. Theory of psychological type is fundamental to the Myers Briggs Type Indicator as originally it was developed by Jung. He proposed an existence of two cognitive functioning dichotomous pairs: these are judging (rational) which has functions of feeling as well as thinking and perceiving (irrational) which has functions of intuition and sensing. These functions are in introverted form or extraverted form in expression. From this concept of Jung others such as Briggs and Myers came up with their own theory for psychological type and this became the base of MBTI (Capraro, 2002, p. 598). Jung's typological model regards left handedness or right handedness as similar to psychological type. This means that individuals may be born with or may develop a certain way of thinking and acting depending on preference. MBTI is on these psychological differences and put them into four pairs that are opposite to each other with 16 possible combinations psychological types. None of these psychological types are better or even worse than the other. But Briggs and Myers developed a theory that individuals prefer one combination overall with the type differences. In this case, writing using the left hand may be hard for a right handed people ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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