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It is believed that in order to for human beings to survive in a society it is necessary for them to communicate. Is that why man is a social animal? To be accurate, it is true and very much factual. Human beings cannot survive if they are unable to communicate and lack interpersonal skills. …
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Communication and Interpersonal Skill
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"Communication and Interpersonal Skill"

Download file to see previous pages The definition of the term communication has been provided by Littlejohn & Foss (2011: pp.3) “Those situations in which a source transmits a message to a receiver with conscious intent to affect the latter’s behavior.”
This specifies that the process of expressing thoughts and messages through language or actions is called communication. Hence, it verifies that without the help of communication human beings cannot continue to exist. Especially without speech, because it is thought to be exceedingly imperative as we need to slot in and complete very complex everyday jobs involving collaboration. To validate that proper communication you should be is indispensable; Bach & Grant (2009) said “There are times, though, when we experience situations where we consider that an interaction did not go smoothly; perhaps we were misunderstood or a friend reacted differently to how we expected.” Explaining the importance of communication in nursing, another important term with reference to communication is ‘approaching skills’, these skills are meant to make the communicator feel safe, respected and understood. Having a non-judgmental attitude is one of these. As Petersen (2007: pp.96) has verified “Listening to understand requires a non-judgmental attitude that can go against what most of us were taught, that is, to listen for rights and wrongs.”...
In order to analyze my situation it is better that I first have an understanding of what inter personal skills denote and signify. This has been done by using two models in the paper. According to Hayes (2002: pp.19) in order to comprehend the method of circulating interpersonal skills it is crucial to “be aware of how the hierarchical model of interpersonal skills can be used to help individuals to critically assess the effectiveness of their social skills at every level.” Therefore, my case and the provided model below have been examined side by side in order to achieve the required goal as my scenario can be explained well through these two models. My situation can be labeled more as an intricate human confrontation, as it made it difficult for me to be able to connect properly with the patient without being involved in the feelings rotating around us. Through the tool of proper communication skills both me and the patient, were able to bond (in the manner that my profession required) without effecting or violating the rules of formal interaction. Consequently, proper practiced and understood communication skills of the patient would have made it easier for me to formulate appropriate interactional technique and his provided interpersonal skills would have simplified the state of affairs. According to Egan (2007: pp.91) the important part of stage I of the entire communicational process and situation is “helping clients tell their stories, plus the communicational skills needed throughout the entire helping process.” He further verifies that “The communication skills are the essential components of the therapeutic dialogue between helper and client.” In ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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This document saved me today. I liked the structure. It was very useful for my nursing course.
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