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Coaching and Mentoring - Annotated Bibliography Example

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Nursing education does not entirely rely on classroom education to serve its learning needs. Nursing interns and practitioners altogether need coaching and mentoring that will aid their professional development…
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Coaching and Mentoring
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Extract of sample "Coaching and Mentoring"

Download file to see previous pages The main research question that guided the selection of journal articles is: What are the mentoring and coaching strategies and principles in nursing theory and practice? I used the EBSCO database to search for journal articles. I know that even if I only select “peer reviewed journals” as part of my search limitations, I will still get irrelevant results, so I made sure to read the abstracts in choosing my articles. I also added “nursing” as a filter for “titles,” which limited my search to nursing journals. This approach may have excluded other potential multidisciplinary articles that may still be crucial for my research. Nevertheless, I settled on nursing journals to ensure the relationship between the chosen articles and nursing theory and practice. Finally, I did not limit my search to recent articles, because I wanted to see if other previous articles already conducted a review of literature on coaching and mentoring practices and frameworks in nursing.
The first article is “Building the Capacity for Evidence-based Clinical Nursing Leadership” by Alleyne and Jumaa (2007) from the Journal of Nursing Management. Authors aimed to help primary care nurses connect management and leadership theories and clinical practice, through group clinical supervision (GCS) sessions, so that participants can improve their decision-making skills. Participants included six district nurses and two professional doctoral candidates and authors used executive co-coaching as their coaching framework. Executive co-coaching refers to a practical and goal-based approach to teaching. Findings showed that management and leadership theories improved the quality of nursing services to patients and the confidence of participants in performing their daily tasks. Authors concluded that through executive co-coaching, participants were more capable of learning systematically from the past, using evidence-based clinical nursing leadership (EBCNL), and this coaching approach also enhanced leadership development. They recommended for executive co-coaching to be used in enhancing patient services and practitioner skills. The credibility of the journal and writers is rated as 10, because the research design, process, analysis, data, and results were adequately explained and credibility and validity measures were also included in the study. This article is important to the overall review, because it used conventional management and leadership theories to enhance clinical practice. Furthermore, it demonstrated the value of EBCNL in enhancing service quality and professional development. The sampling is too small, because it involved eight participants only. The authors should also have added other data-collection methods to engage the triangulation of research methods and to expand their sampling. A larger sampling can have better generalizability. The findings are applicable to nursing education, because it showed promising results in applying leadership and management theories. The findings indicate that nursing literature and practice should also look into other fields in developing leadership and management skills and concepts. These fields can provide exciting new concepts and tools for enhancing nursing mentorship literature and practice. The second article is “Mentorship in Nursing: A Literature Review” by Andrews and Wallis (1999), from the Journal of Advanced Nursing. Authors studied mentoring literature in nursing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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