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The Effect of Choral Music Teacher Experience - Research Paper Example

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The research paper "The Effect of Choral Music Teacher Experience" states that the Music teaching behavior of music teachers has been subjecting to extensive research and different aspects of this subject have been studied in detail and reported by different scholars. …
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The Effect of Choral Music Teacher Experience
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Extract of sample "The Effect of Choral Music Teacher Experience"

Download file to see previous pages This paper has liberally used results from his previous work (Gumm, 1992; Gumm, 1993; Gumm & Essmann-Paulson, 2001), besides those from other published literature in this field.

This research was intended to investigate the development of music teaching style based on an analysis of years of experience and other background variables of music teachers. The researcher Alan Gumm has tried to explore and establish the effect of choral music teaching experience and background on music teaching style. Besides, he has also tried to explore the relationship between background variables of music teachers.

For this purpose, the research was designed according to a theoretical model of music teaching style developed by the researcher (Alan Gumm) himself (Gumm, 1993). This theoretical model was validated by the researcher and a multidimensional statistical procedure was developed for use with the variables covered in this paper. It is worth mentioning here that the development and validation of the underlying theoretical model was not the subject of this paper, rather that has been done long back by the researcher and the validity of this model was assumed in this paper. Therefore, this paper reports the collection and analysis of data according to the model and the conclusions drawn.
In this research, the data on the background variables of music teachers and their music teaching style has been collected by using a suitable questionnaire. Thus the instrument of data collection was a questionnaire. Whenever data is collected by using a questionnaire, it is important to explore the reliability of the data collection instrument. By reliability, it means that when the same question is presented to the same subject after a sufficient time gap, then there should be consistency in his / her response. Thus reliability is an important aspect of any quantitative experiment design. Other important aspects of a quantitative research are sampling, analysis using suitable statistics and generalizability. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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