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Romanticism and Classical Music Styles - Essay Example

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This paper is considering the classical music period is that which describes the music of the likes of Haydn and other composers of the mid-18th century, emphasizing on harmony and proportion. It had a high regard for instruments as part of music and sought to bring about emotional balance as well as caution…
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Romanticism and Classical Music Styles
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"Romanticism and Classical Music Styles"

Download file to see previous pages To find out more concerning the music of the two periods, we shall in this essay focus on Haydn’s Symphony No. 40 in F major and Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 in D major.
Symphony No. 40 in F major is composed of almost the same properties as symphony no. 13. This period marked the final time Haydn made use of fugue in his work of symphonies. Important to note also is the tempo mark, andante, which ensured that a passage never rose above the piano. Violoncellos were also being doubled by the violas and the second violins doubling the first, all being directed by Haydn to play ‘sempre staccato”. In a recording by Fischer, he uses both the versions of the trio that includes: bassoon, oboes and horns and the other, horns, oboes and strings. This is because he finds it impossible to figure out the one he liked most. In his original presentation, he uses the horns, oboes and strings and bassoon, oboes and horns in the in his areas of repeat. As for the symphony no. 9 D major, it consisted of a very large orchestra, an alto-tenor-bass solo quartet and a choir. At its beginning, what can be heard is a frightful combination of notes that is very loud, and equally acknowledges the themes used in previous movements. The section producing the bass sound comes up with music that sounds as if it is being recited. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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