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The Decades - Essay Example

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Similar to all cultural concepts, music possesses substantial dynamics with respect to aspect of prevailing social atmosphere. Social atmosphere is a result of forward progress in time, and is also dynamic in…
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The Decades
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"The Decades"

Download file to see previous pages Teen Angel was released in 1963 and reached 1st position on American Billboard category of popular music. Undeniably, there are other songs from the 60s that climbed to 1st position and remained popular throughout the decade. However, I feel that Mark’s song exemplified the mood prevailing during that time. Sixties was a time of children by baby boomers. After the 2nd World War, the number of families made of young couples increased. In the 60s, most children of the previously young couples were at their teenage periods (Broadus and Browne, 17). In this case, Teen Angel by Mark Dinning exemplifies an atmosphere filled with high school moods and teenage love affairs.
In 1971, Indian Reservation reached 1st position in the U.S Billboard charts and remained within the top 10 category for succeeding two years. The Raiders took the nation wild with concrete lyrics and rhythmic characteristics of the song. Indian Reservation exemplifies the 70s social atmosphere filled with civil rights struggles from minority groups (Smith, 44). The Native Indian population in America was an example of minorities who experienced uncomfortable neglect and negative influence from the mainstream cultures. Therefore, the Raiders spawned the music environment with messages of cultural preservation in the song.
Eighties was a decade characterized by increased diversity in musical genres. During the period, alternative rock and soul music rose to popularity. Contextually, Richard Marx released Endless Summer Nights, a song that became popular until the end of 1980s. In his song, Richard recalls of the endless summer nights he previously had with his woman. 1980s was a period when civil rights had improved and social, economic and political environments were favorable for most Americans (Lee, 38). This was the time filled with nostalgic feelings and songs that recalled of the past became popular.
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