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How have digital music production practices (like sampling) affected notions of musical authenticity Discuss the argument(s) of Goodwin, Schumacher, Rietveld and/or Katz in relation to specific production practice(s) and/or technology - Essay Example

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The following is an essay that briefly discusses how digital music production practices (like sampling) have affected notions of musical ‘authenticity’. This is done more especially while looking at the arguments presented by such key figures as Goodwin, Schumacher, Rietveld…
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How have digital music production practices (like sampling) affected notions of musical authenticity Discuss the argument(s) of Goodwin, Schumacher, Rietveld and/or Katz in relation to specific production practice(s) and/or technology
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"How have digital music production practices (like sampling) affected notions of musical authenticity Discuss the argument(s) of Goodwin, Schumacher, Rietveld and/or Katz in relation to specific production practice(s) and/or technology"

Download file to see previous pages The content itself is further divided into two main parts. The first part of the content which comprises approximately 160 words is the introduction while the second part is the main discussion and the summary of the key text provided. The second part basically forms the junk of the essay comprising up to 1,880 words.
The introduction highlights the topic of controversy surrounding digital music production and briefly states how digital music production has grown over the ages and become a common phenomenon with the advent of technology. The part also partly highlights the merits and the demerits of the advent and embrace of digital music production in the music scene and the larger society.
The introduction is then followed by the main text which presents various arguments by various peoples concerning the topic of discussion. Sampling as a music production technique is defined and discussed in this section. The advent of sampling is briefly mentioned and how the method slowly became accepted into the music scene also talked about. The portion cites arguments as to how sampling later became a legal issue over time and why involved artistes had to acquire permission from original artistes to sample their music.
The section also goes on and discusses the instances that did not warrant one to obtain permission for sampling an original piece. Arguments in support of sampling in any form of art, be it music or any other sorts, such as those of Jean Luc Godard, are numerous in the section. The argument of Jean Luc Godard is particularly connected to the new idea of poetic sampling in the consequent paragraphs. In addition, there are several examples cited in the essay where sampling occurred and more importantly, the earliest/ pioneering instances. This is followed by a keen look into the implications of digital music production such as sampling on the music industry, artists and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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How Have Digital Music Production Practices (like Sampling) Affected Essay.
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