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Traditional CD Multimedia Systems Cannot Compete against the Online Multimedia - Term Paper Example

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The author concludes that the traditional multimedia through the CDs is certainly not as effective as it does not allow for corrections the material available through the network to people across the globe in real time. The online multimedia technology is way above the traditional system. …
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Traditional CD Multimedia Systems Cannot Compete against the Online Multimedia
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Download file to see previous pages A multimedia system can store, process, record and deliver all types of information in the same way as the computer. A multimedia system requires a powerful PC with the high-end graphics processor, a sound card, a CD drive, multimedia extensions and drivers for playing digital audio and video.  The digital media has an advantage as the user can use it according to one’s convenience of time, pace and requirement. In a digital format, there is flexibility in combining, transmitting, manipulating and customizing the elements of the multimedia according to individual needs. Technology has advanced and the reach of broadband is far beyond expectations due to which traditional CD multimedia systems cannot compete against the online multimedia.
When CD was first introduced with multimedia, it brought the power of interactive searching to users and the library staff in general (Day, 1994 cited by Bradley, 2006). The entire library could be stored in one place and could be viewed at any computer from anywhere. The process was hastened by networking CD-ROM drives. This allows access from the desktop and it is no more necessary to visit a library. This, however, posed a challenge as training the end users was important. This technology decreased the cost of storage space. Information was readily available through the CDs and these became the method of data delivery. With time this too was gradually replaced by the online availability of data. The access became through internet which made the CDs redundant. Online vendors could provide access through the internet.
The digitalization of multimedia documents and environments helped overcome the difficulties of mixed media and also facilitated the integration of languages. Text, graphics, sounds, and images, once digitized could be modified, edited and intermixed.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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