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This essay will focus on rain, death and the lonely chapel in the desert with the purpose to show how they contribute to better understanding of the piece.

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November rain Music video analysis
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Symbolism in November Rain November Rain can definitely be considered to be one of the best music videos in 1990-s. It is longer than usual music videos as it lasts for more than 9 minutes. Moreover, it has a definite story line which reflects the lyrics of the song. This music video is rich in symbols which are aimed at supporting themes covered in the lyrics of the song. This essay will focus on rain, death and the lonely chapel in the desert with the purpose to show how they contribute to better understanding of the piece.
Rain is a core symbol of the song because it is verbally present in the title of the song and its lyrics. It appears in the video several times in different settings. The interpretation of this symbol depends on the setting where it appears in the video. In the beginning of the video, the sound of rain on the background intensifies the loneliness of the main characters who sits in his dark bedroom. During the wedding, rain represents the turning point in all life events. It transforms the wedding party and makes all people hide somewhere in the house or under the tables. Finally, the rain takes place funeral ceremony referencing the main message of the song that says “nothing lasts forever”.
Death of the beloved is highly symbolic for this song. First of all, death supports the thesis of the composition that nothing lasts forever. Death can take away love, freedom and friendship and people cannot win the death. Death represents all external consequences which do not depend on people’s actions. Death is often a turning point in people’s life and it forces them to start everything from scratch. In the context of the song, death is the begging of new life for the main character who has to let it go and start new relationships.
The chapel in the deserted area is a clear symbol of loneliness and personal isolation. It is not an ordinary building but a chapel, which means that it is related to personal emotions, religion and spirituality in its broader context. The chapel has no people or other building attached to it. It is surrounded by empty territory with no trees or other signs of civilization. It supports the image of a guitarist (Slash) who plays his solo separately from his band. This scene shows that people are lonely in their inner worlds as they are completely isolated from others in their private space. This symbol is foregrounded by constant repetitions of the line that people need to spend some time on their own. Even though they can build different relationships in their lives, all of them are temporary.
This music video is different from ordinary works of musicians to represent their works. It is not a mere story of the song; it is a short movie which has its beginning, logical development and culminations. Symbolic meanings of the rain, death and the chapel support the message represented in lyrics and tie the song to the video. Overall, this video makes November Rain a real hit which is difficult to forget once people watch it.
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November Rain Music Video Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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