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Classroom effects of a commercially-available video music-and-movement program - Research Paper Example

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This case study will majorly focus on two-9years old students in the classroom. The behavior of the two students should be considered to be reflecting on the behavior of many others when musical factor is brought into perspective during classroom study…
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Classroom effects of a commercially-available video music-and-movement program
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"Classroom effects of a commercially-available video music-and-movement program"

Download file to see previous pages Population of study- this study was conducted on fourth grade students’ population. Music has very big influence on students in the society. This affects different classes of being in the society with each of them responding to it in their own ways. Size of study- the study will majorly focus on smaller population of the class. Duration of study- The students will be observed and video taped in 15-minutes for two weeks before I introduce the DVD. I will then use the DVD for 5-minutes before regular lessons daily. DVD This will allow comparative data analysis when the intended gist of this research is concluded. Method of information gathering- there are several methods that can be used in gathering information during research. However, in this case study I will use observation as my primary method of analysis. This will enable me to get first-hand touch of information that will ultimately be useful in drawing the conclusion. Strategy used-.Duration recording will be used as a strategy to calculate the behavior change. This strategy will be used when the change in behavior occurs. I will record the behavior during on and off tasks. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Classroom Effects of a Commercially-Available Video Music-and-Movement Research Paper)
Classroom Effects of a Commercially-Available Video Music-and-Movement Research Paper.
“Classroom Effects of a Commercially-Available Video Music-and-Movement Research Paper”, n.d.
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