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In the paper “Rihanna What’s My Name” the author analyzes Rihanna’s ‘What’s My Name’. This song is considered a pop music song, and indeed it gained a great amount of popular acclaim upon its release. The song itself features pop singer Rihanna, but also the equally famous Drake…
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Rihanna Whats My Name
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Rihanna Whats My Name

The specific song being analyzed is Rihanna’s ‘What’s My Name’. This song is considered a pop music song, and indeed it gained a great amount of popular acclaim upon its release. The song itself features pop singer Rihanna, but also the equally famous Drake. There are a variety of sound elements in this song. Perhaps the most overarching sound element is the vocals. Both Rihanna and Drake are renowned for their distinctive vocal patterns. In this sense Rihanna implements a sonorous high-pitched soprano that is implemented in the chorus and the song’s ‘hook’. Rihanna’s vocals are contrasted with Drake’s slight baritone. After the vocals, the song implements a digital drum track that is slightly unique in its patterns. Additionally, it appears that synthesizers are implemented to create both the melody and an off-kilter buzzing sound that adds freshness to the track. This buzzing sound can be heard during the opening five seconds of the song, as well as at other intermittent points.
In terms of sound volume the track juxtaposes loud and soft elements. One considers that during Drake’s opening solo – up until 1:00 – the track generally implements low pitches and soft music. These subdued elements are punctured with Rihanna’s chorus, which comes in at 1:01. In this chorus Rihanna repeats, ‘oh, na na, what’s my name, oh, nan a, what’s my name?’ This chorus takes on a sort of instrument like element that is no doubt helped by Rihanna’s hypnotic voice. In terms of time elements there are a number of considerations. The song generally implements a mid-tempo form that builds to a crescendo at different times. For instance, following Drake’s solo Rihanna has an interlude where she speaks. This ultimately reaches such a crescendo at the 1:50 mark. This crescendo is achieved again later in the track. The song’s rhythm follows these mid-tempo patterns. In terms of meter the song is in triple.
There are a number of organizational elements. In these regards, the song implements both small-scale crescendos, as well as an orchestral type effect. The miniature crescendos largely can be detected in Rihanna’s vocal interludes. In terms of the orchestral effect, the song’s melody and sound elements gradually take on increased loudness and texture. In these regards, up until the 1:00 mark the song implements the drum track and established melody. While these structural components remain consistent throughout the song, as the track progresses they become more textured. In this way it seems the drum track, while keeping the same beat, becomes louder and more ‘full’. Additionally, there are synthesizer elements that seem to mirror the two singers’ vocal patterns. One witnesses such an example at the 4:11 mark. While the harmony retains a consistent structure it also is slightly choppy, moving in skips and leaps, as it is punctured by idiosyncratic synthesizer sounds; this harmony is rooted in a verse chorus verse form. Ultimately the song seems to be about a powerful girl who encounters a guy that finally excites her. There is a degree of mystery that adds to the song’s appeal and overriding atmosphere.

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Rihanna Whats My Name Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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