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How music is evolving through the generations - Essay Example

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Rapid technological turbulences and dynamisms have caused various aspects of the global environment to change. Music as one of the global aspects has not been left behind during the changing process. Compared…
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Download file to see previous pages Undeniably, the contemporary technological and environmental changes have positively impacted on evolution of music to fit the 21st century.
No wonder children are finding it difficult to cope up with pop music, which definitely belong to a different generations. Such children try to look for music that can satisfy their interest, tastes, preferences, and fashions but in no avail (Benzon). Evidently, contemporary children are looking for catchy songs in addition to flashy images. Unfortunately, watching artistes perform today on stage is far much different from how they would perform many years back. The idea behind such changes is changing times that call for newer and more exhilarating shows that will meet the interests, tastes, and preferences of the contemporary audiences (Benzon). Anyway there is cause of alarm since the moment the contemporary children will get over their current tastes, the coming generation will be rocking in the world of music.
Evidently, with the changing needs, wants, and preferences of different and prevailing generations, music like any other global sector has had to significantly change in a bid to rising into the occasion in order to meet specific needs, wants, and preferences. Therefore, technological and developmental dynamisms and turbulences have been the epicenter of evolution of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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