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Critique of Kokomo sung by the Beach Boys - Essay Example

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This is a detailed and critical review of the song written by Beach Boys - "Kokomo". The analysis of the song in terms of tempo, melody, intonation etc - included in the paper…
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Critique of Kokomo sung by the Beach Boys
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Download file to see previous pages Mike Love added the "Aruba, Jamaica" part and changed the line "Thats where we used to go" to "Thats where we want to go."” (par. 5). The song was played in the movie Cocktail which featured Tom Cruise. It was ranked number 1 in the US Billboard Hot 100 number-one singles (DeKnock, 1988).
The pitch is an element of tone, determined by the frequency of vibration (Free Dictionary, par. 1). The song was delivered in well balanced vocal tones and vibration accompanied by steel drums, acoustic guitar, bass and saxophone. The pitch of the voice of singers, Mike Love and Carl Wilson, were harmonious and well blended. The intensity or loudness was average with vocals and instrumentation concocted to arrive at a unified musical structure. High quality exudes from the distinctive overtones heard from the drums at the background and the guitar. In an article written by Jones on Understanding Vibrato, he defined vibrato as "slight variation of pitch resulting from the free oscillation of the vocal cords". This free oscillation of the vocal cords results from (1) an open pharynx or what many call the "open throat" along with (2) healthy "closure of the cords" I consider that vibrato is a result of these two opposites working together: open throat and closed cords. (3) Another major factor to be considered in regard to vibrato is the even sub-glottic breath pressure. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Critique of Kokomo Sung by the Beach Boys Essay.
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