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Concert Review of Act One: YouTube Symphony Orchestra at Carnegie Hall - Essay Example

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As a consequence of a well-arranged composition and a conducting master at fathoming depths of virtuosity across his company to the fullest measure, the masterpiece went beyond conventions as electrifying as modern rock. …
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Concert Review of Act One: YouTube Symphony Orchestra at Carnegie Hall
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Extract of sample "Concert Review of Act One: YouTube Symphony Orchestra at Carnegie Hall"

Concert Review of Act One: YouTube Symphony Orchestra at Carnegie Hall The exquisite musical performance rendered through Act One of the Youtube Symphony Orchestra managed to have gathered 96 instrumentalists from different nations of the world. Being the first collaborative online orchestra held at the Carnegie Hall in April 15, 2009, the event depicts a milestone of rare conference among musicians who, according to conductor Michael Thomas, demonstrate incredible passion for classical music and how much it speaks to them like a remarkably sensible universal language. Thomas pointed out further during the introduction that such a huge project almost confused his direction with the themes that it even became overwhelming to realize a number of possibilities that would determine the final shape of their product. Basically, the musical score and instrumentation had been worth the stimulating watch especially on understanding that people from diverse culture had come together for an interactive, creative, and fluid presentation of a classical music. As the orchestra proceeds to initiate with a 19th-century piece by Johannes Brahms, dramatic progressions entered with a surprising tempo which felt as if listeners could be drawn to an instant lift of adventure. In most stages, the string section turned out to be massively delightful with players alternating between violins and cellos in successive crescendos while they mellowed and even out smoothly via flute work of about two or three players. It was quite enhancing to experience how all the strings combine to generate an effect which may be expected from the wind instruments as well. Balanced with the percussive consequence of the three timpani, the resulting texture occurred to exhibit Brahms’s vibrant attitude which is also identified with the elements in the compositions of Bach and Beethoven. By the unique orchestration promoted, the sound of antiquity was gradually becoming special and fascinating to the point that majority of the listeners could find ease to span out modern appreciation and reconcile certain aspects of classical tendencies with rhythmic distortions designed in the present age. Each individual performer appeared quite focused and passionate about his part in the symphony. Having shown full comprehension of the piece in the fashion each instrument was treated, all the members of the orchestra may be inferred to yield at the potential of appropriately communicating the substance of the pieces just as how the composer originally intended to affect the laid back spectators. Everyone in the company looked well-prepared, earnest, and proud in the process of conveying the necessary flow of rhythm such that hopeful thoughts and sentiments were manifested somewhere in gestures and facial expressions which the watching individuals could not help bring out in response. There came an extent when performers were grouped to play based on specific talents. I was particularly astonished with the manner in which the first division happened to engage the audience with the authenticity of their creation. A simple pipe in tune followed by a couple of melodic beats released via a set of improvised percussions had altogether generated a kind of harmonious blend that suggests an ethnic subject or that derived from a distant wild especially with the genius utilization of the marimbas. Because of the nature-filled theme of this section, I seemed to have been taken to a splendor of tranquility or some meditative encounter with scenic wonders. A particular story was being weaved movement upon movement like an act in a play, while the tempo brought indications where tragedy must come in, the point to remain as such or otherwise jolt-free with the magical winds, as their collaboration with the strings awaited subsidence of the latter to tell which part would relax cardiac beating. As a consequence of a well-arranged composition and a conducting master at fathoming depths of virtuosity across his company to the fullest measure, the masterpiece went beyond conventions as electrifying as modern rock. An automatic connection with the perfectly climatic violins emerged. I could sense that everyone in the turnout was being made repeatedly optimistic in the process, not initially expecting to have tuned the symphonies in as eventful as it’s wonderfully tragic along the transformation of tamed notes to voracious ones, worthy of encore. To me, the Youtube Symphony Orchestra truly was an astounding fusion of avant-garde musical forms and concepts that are rather interesting than strange judging from which, I would definitely have friends and family to tag along given another opportunity to view their charming performance. Reference: Read More
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