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Schubert Franz Schubert was born in Vienna in the year 1797. When he was very young his elder brother and father taught him to play different music instruments like violin and piano. He learnt to play piano very well within a few months, and this was the incident that created his interest toward music…
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Download file to see previous pages After that he taught in his father’s school for few years but he never forgot his first love –that is music. During the time he was involved in teaching, he also composed several songs and two symphonies. He also gave music to his first written song “Gretchen am Spinnrade”, which later on became a masterpiece (Anderson, 2003). Wong (2011), in his writing analyzes the work of Schubert that enrich the world music. In his study, he pointed out his composition Trauerwalzer (or Sehnsuchtswalzer). Out of Schubert’s 36 waltzes compositions in Op. 9, this composition was the only one with a name assigned to it. This tune was common for all in Vienna and around since 1820. The original date of composition of this song was unknown but according to him the tentative year was 1816, when Schubert was 19 years old and not even, 1820 the composition got enough attention and very soon several renowned composers started to make a different version of this. According to Wong, in the 19th century, a different name was associated with waltz”Beethoven”. In 1826, Trauerwalzer was mixed with another waltz composition and published as “Le Desir” and it was attributed to Beethoven. In his review, he described Schubert’s Op. 9 sets of composition as “little genii” , those” weave a web of fragrant airy threads”. ...
(1999) in his study related to Schubert’s work, discussed the depth in his music.According to his analysis, the length of the music composed by Schubert did not sound boring as the compositions were translated into a sense of expectation and space . This space was there in his every creation from every angle. According to him the spaces in his music were subjective and imaginary, that makes his work more interesting. In his composition, sudden and minute changes in key, gave the impression like instant transformation into another realm. The intensity and the rapidness , which were associated with those changes make his work even more relaxed mood. According to Burnham,the themes of Schubert’s compositions were apparitions of truth. In his opinion, the power of any artist to capture their own image along with the feeling, when any composting like the same was already existing was a hard thing to do, but Schubert’s composition was able to do that easily. He did not make any changes to the composition which were already there, but adding something new to it like harmonic shock light up the composition every repeated time. The original value of his composition was not only confined to its growth or development, but it is the material itself which makes it so special (Burnham, 1999, p.2). According to Song (2012), the compositions of Schubert’s , mainly the piano compositions, were too long, with less formal coherence, and unpianistic. According to him, due to the above mentioned points his work was ineffective for any public gathering. In his writing, he mentioned Schubert’s work as potpourri and consist of random arrangement of some beautiful themes without being interconnected. In his writing he quoted “The survival of the theme as the theme is guaranteed by ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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