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Personal education utopia - Essay Example

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This paper is an attempt to explore that how would the educational system look like under a utopian society. In other way, the paper will define the perfect educational system. The Greek philosopher Plato first mentioned about the concept of Utopia, a perfect world, an ideal place, the final destination…
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Personal education utopia
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Download file to see previous pages Rawls viewed education as an opportunity for people to progress and transform their lives and an egalitarian society would be the one, which would provide “equality of opportunity”. This would mean that every child, regardless of his or her background, race, cast, color, creed, language, culture, ethnicity, social class, and others (Levitas, pp. 87-89), would receive the same opportunity to educate him or her and stand in lines with other (Schubert, pp. 67-68). Important here to note is that this equality of opportunity would not only mean that state would take up the responsibility for the education of its students and would pay all the expenses in this regard but it would also mean that all the resources and tools which complement educational progress would also be divided equally. For example, children from poor families or lower middle class families fail to afford computer, continued internet access, educational gadgets, personal transport, access to libraries, ability to hire private tutors and others (Halpin, pp. 78-79).For example, no student would have the permission or access to come to school by his or her own car and everywhere would come through school bus. Important here to note is the fact that under education would no longer remain a choice for the governments. They will not be able to label educational spending as expenditure but as an investment, an ongoing investment, whose investment levels even the governments could not cut down (Winch & Gingell, pp. 13-14; Levitas, pp. 87-89). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Personal Education Utopia Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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