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The essay "Music in the Romantic Era" demonstrates that Musical historicism denotes the use of styles, techniques, media, materials and conceptual content picked up from history. The historicism may feature a single composer or an entire school of thought, movement or era…
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Music in the Romantic Era
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In most of the known cases, composers use name versions to denote the main themes in the composition. In this case, individual names may come into use or the use of names of acquaintances. These sequences often vary widely between composers. Schumann used such sequences in some of his compositions. One of the cryptograms he used was Scha (E-flat, C, B natural, A) as a representative for self in Carnaval. In other cases, he used the reverse sequence of ASCH (Daverio 65-70).
Musical Traits of Schubert's Death and the Maiden that Characterize it as Romantic era music
Music in the romantic era was an avenue that allowed the composers to express their emotions freely without hindrance. There were different types of music in this era. Schubert’s composition ‘the death and the maiden’ belonged to the category of ‘lied’ that combined an art song and the piano. ‘The death and the maiden’ was slow, accompanied by piano, and expressed the strongest of emotions of death. These traits make it fit in the romantic era.
Use of musical devices to portray the four characters depicted in Erlking
Schubert makes use of several devices to portray the characters of the famous poem ‘Erlkonig’. The story depicted in the poem has the narrator, father, boy, and Erlkonig. Schubert used different voice ranges with the narrator using the middle range. He assigned the father a low range and a high range for the son while the Erlking stands out with the use of melody and piano adjustments. There are triplets of piano repetitions before the appearance of the ghostly Erlking. As the Erlking speaks, the piano produces rises and falls of arpeggios. There is a hastening of the pace as the father makes attempts to rescue his son (Daverio 15).
A distinct feature of the Romantic Era concerto
The concerto consisted of three parts. It involved a solo instrument and that had an orchestra accompaniment. The term concerto denoted the use of voices and instruments in distinct parts. Read More
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Music in the Romantic Era Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 443 Words - 1.
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