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The author of this essay "Romantic Era" gives detail information about the romantic era in the 19th century that is described as a movement that was consumed with aesthetic style in the history of culture. It also described a spirit or attitude…
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Romantic Era
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The music of the time involved expressing emotions and powerful descriptions of deep truths. Most of the music was both abstract and drawn from historical sources or even nature itself. Franz Schubert is a superb example. He was a German composer who was extremely passionate. The trout is one of his popular songs which reveal freedom the nature of artistic composition and performance (Einstein, 1947, p. 217). The song reveals a lot of nature imagery. 

Joseph Haydn

He invented and showed how to string quartet could result in being the best platform for argument in music.
He made an extremely big contribution to rare styles of music and instruments like lira organization.
He brought symphonies from salon to concert halls.

Amadeus Mozart’s contribution to music:

He wrote masterpieces in the classical era which are considered to the most important. They included operas and piano music (Einstein, 1947, p. 103). His Popular composition included minuet.
He is regarded as the first psychologist in modern times when it comes to opera. He was known for creating mood and atmosphere in his works.
Sonata form: this was a single-movement form of artworks.

It has several sections, they include:

Introduction; this is a general upbeat before the main musical argument.
Exposition; it presents the main thematic material of the artist.
Development; the harmonic aspects of the material are explored further here.
Recapitulation; the thematic product or material is returned to the tonic key.
A good example is Pergolesi’s trio Sonata no. 3

Ludwig Van Beethoven

He is the first composer to live from his own work without any subsidy from a church. With the money, he got from his performances he was able to survive (Einstein, 1947, p. 133).
He composed songs with a free mind and challenged people to follow him. He did not fear while coming up with lyrics.
He radically departed from the tradition by introducing vocal soloists. This caused many composers to feel free to experiment. Read More
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