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Name Institution Tutor Course Date Duke Ellington’s Music Music has become a good source of entertainment to people as well as a career to others. Duke Ellington’s Music is significantly important in the history of America for a variety of reasons. For instance, it has led to the today’s American music in that most of the musicians have greatly acquired music hints from his works…
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Jazz-duke ellington
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Download file to see previous pages Today’s American music though technically complex, has directness and simplicity of expression largely present in that of Ellington as they tend to perform in different styles. People are brought to their first great achievements through very few minutes’ performance and they later write music for all kinds of settings for instance; the comedy stage, the ballroom, the movie house, the nightclub, the concert hall, and the theater. His blues writing were due to new conceptions of form, harmony, and piece of song and he grew to become the leader of the romantic ballad creating much work that faceted the enormous soloists in his jazz group (Crease 100). This has greatly been portrayed in today’s performers in that they write their music basing on the current happenings and rumors quickly spreading throughout the world. Some of the musicians’ sense of musical drama make them stand out. Their blend of rhythms, subtle sonic movements, and melodies give audiences a new experience—complex yet accessible that makes their heart swing in joy. Most of the musicians perform in restaurants and clubs. Duke Ellington was an American jazz player and his full names were,” Edward Kennedy Ellington, and he bore the stage name, “Duke”. ...
He was one of the jazz composers as he was one of the most prolific composers during the early twentieth century as far as both variety of forms and number of compositions were concerned. Duke Ellington has been credited for being the most significant composer of jazz in history. He also receives credit for being a bandleader who strongly held his large group together for close to fifty years. He had two aspects of his career, which were closely related. He used his band as a laboratory for music for the most ne compositions as well as shaped his writing skills particularly to showcase the abilities of his band members, most of whom remained by his side for a long period. In addition to composing jazz, he also wrote stage musicals and film scores. Most of his instrumental works were later adapted into standard songs (Ford 90). Irrespective of the fact that he toured a lot, he recorded extensively, a factor that resulted to his tremendous body of work that was assessed for a reasonably long time after his death. The many celebrations he received in 1999 evidences that he continued been regarded as a strong jazz composer. He was talented so much to overcome oddity. He was the primary writer of his band, allowing his players room to solo in his compositions. This resulted to a creation of a body of work that would have allowed jazz to enter the institutional and academic realms, which was its direction during the end of the 20th century. It is, therefore, arguable that he predicted the future of jazz and would have laid a claim as one of the most significant practitioners of jazz. He had impact of popular music of the twentieth century. He travelled across the world both as a bandleader and piano player ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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