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Music report - Admission/Application Essay Example

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Name of of Class Name of Professor Meeting time Report # 1 1. The Santa Barbara City College Symphony This first concert was called a Symphony Concert and it was held on November 18, 2012 at my college. The conductor of the concert was my music professor, James D…
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Music report
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Download file to see previous pages The program notes for the concert gave background information about each piece which gave a better understanding of what the audience would listen to during each section. There was a total of about 50 people attending the concert. The concert was done by the Santa Barbara City College Symphony and the instrumentation was largely string instruments. The Symphony has 78 members with 50 strings and 28 brass or percussion instruments. This gave a full sound to the hall that we were in and provided a rich sound for the specific pieces. There were many different styles of music. The first piece (Overture to Candide) and the third piece (The Firebird Berceuse and Finale) were both taken from operas. Beethoven’s piece was a symphony and he was considered a transitional type of composer because he wrote between the Romantic and Classical periods of music (Beethoven Website). Mussorgsky’s Night on Bald Mountain is considered a composition. This was a great piece because the audience could really see something in the music. I liked this one the best because it was so rich in sound. I read that this composition was the depiction of a Halloween night in which witches and demons were allowed to run the earth. According to the program notes, the Russians belived that this type of thing happened during St. john’s night when Mount Lisaya was a place where evil spirits lived and the mountain did not have any trees (this is why it is called bald). There was a short story by Nicolai Gogol, that some say inspired Mussorgsky to write this composition. The music was cacophonous and it seemed like something that would be played on Halloween night or at some dark event. This was more entertaining and interesting to listen to than the other pieces. This piece was also not as quiet like the Beethoven or romantic as the Candide overture. Mussorgsky and Stravinsky were Russian composers and this showed in their music. It felt somewhat dark and cold. The Night on Bald Mountain was interesting but there were many sounds that would seem to clash but they went together very well. The Firebird was not as harsh as the Mussorgsky but it felt more mysterious and made me wonder how they brought such emotions to the audience. I think that some of the high points to the concert was listening to the music and the fact that it was so different. The one thing that I would have liked to see differently is that there were more instruments. The symphony had more stringed instruments than anything else and I wondered what type of music could have been played with more instrumentation. I think that the Mussorgsky stuck out the most because it was such different music from the rest of the music. I wondered what his Pictures at an Exhibition would sound like done by this orchestra. The concert ended with Beethoven’s Symphony 7 which was a very good way to end the concert. This piece was lively and there were many surprises in sounds. As an example, in the first movement the percussion was louder than in some of the compositions. I enjoyed this concert because I like classical music and this provided a stronger opportunity for me to hear and enjoy this music. 2. Report 2 Jazz Ensemble The second concert I attended was a Jazz Ensemble that was held on December 3, 2012. For this concert, people were more casually dressed and there were three different bands who played at this concert. The concert was $10 for students. The Good Times Big Band was the first band that played. This was a 21 piece band and it was directed by ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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