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Analysis of portion of a portion of a clip Institution Instructor Date Analysis of portion of a portion of a clip For this assignment, we look at the movie, Shrek 2, which is a sequel to the successful animation comedy; Shrek released in 2001. In Shrek 2, Shrek the ogre and Fiona look for the fairy god- mother , to give them a portion so that they can go back to be normal again, and not be ogres…
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Analysis a portion of a film clip
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"Analysis a portion of a film clip"

It is the highest grossing film in the United States and has one of the highest ticket sales worldwide, in addition to being the most successful dream works production to date. One of the reasons for its success has been credited to its musical score, which appeals to all audiences. The story is about Shrek, a grumpy ogre who lives in a swamp, in seclusion. Once again, like its predecessor, this film emphasizes the relation between music and film. A lot of tracks have been featured in this track. We shall look at the track Accidentally in Love, performed by Counting Crows, an alternate rock band, featured in the soundtrack. A film clip is a short music clip integrating imagery and a song. Film clips are usually part of longer recordings, usually for marketing and promotional purposes. The song was nominated for the academy awards in 2004. The song is produced by David Bryson, Adam Duntz and Dan Vickrey and is three minute and eight seconds long, so it is a very short song. It begins at the beginning of the film. The clip as featured in the movie has a stuffed animal, voiced by Adam Duritz, in the house of a young couple. The boyfriend is in the kitchen preparing breakfast when the animal woos the girl, so she leaves her inconsiderate and rude partner. She falls in love with the animal. Shrek 2 continues with humor and wit is used to poke fun at the superficial nature of Disneyland fairytale movies such as Snow White and Beauty and the Beast. Unlike the above, Shrek looks at beauty on the inside-out and not the other way round. In the case of Beauty and the Beast, the beast becomes a charming prince at the end of the movie. In the movie Shrek 2, Fiona remains an ogress, and unlike other characters for example snow white, she does not dress provocatively. She is comfortable in her own skin and confident in whom she is. This points at the moral standards that exist at the moment, where we our society exalts outer beauty instead of things that really matter, for example shopping and plastic surgery, instead of focusing on social issues, which are more important. Looking at the song “accidentally in love”, Shrek ends up falling in love with Fiona, who is a beautiful princess, which is not something we expect. Doing this is very inconvenient, especially for her parents, because this is not the kind of person she is supposed to fall in love with. This is the kind of thing that happens in real life, as opposed to what only happens in the fantasy world. Part of the song goes, “what’s the problem I don’t know, well maybe I know you are in love’. This shows that love is complicated and not easy as it is made to be in the world of fantasy. Two people who are in love have to undergo various challenges and it does not have to be a case of happily ever after. Shrek and Fiona have a lot of challenges, but they overcome them, through working it out and the love between the two, happens when they least expect it to. True love can seem wrong, but when it happens, it just turns out to be right. This also brings to the forefront, the fact that despite being a kids movie, it can also entertain adults. Princess Fiona loves Shrek for who he is and not what he wants she wants him to be. With the help of the song “ Read More
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