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The Dan Carillo Quartet - Essay Example

The first performance of the Dan Carillo Quartet ‘Play 1’ featured all the members of the fusion quarter. The specific rhythm of the piece was downbeat with occasional experimental interludes. Indeed, the group made great use of experimental percussion and other such elements as a means of puncturing what otherwise could be considered a pedestrian melody. The quartet began with the singular melody played on guitar in a minimalist-like style. This melody was cyclically revisited throughout the piece. As noted the greatest levels of experimentation occurred not with the melody with the elements that were cursory to it being advanced. Notably, the guitarist would play the melody and experimental levels of percussion would progressively build around it and the rhythm would also progressively build. Through this process the quarter would build to chaos and then revert back to minimalism; these chaotic interludes were juxtaposed with the singular expression of the melody on the guitar, creating emotion and meaning in the contrasting forms. The second performance of the Dan Carillo Quartet ‘Play 2’ witnessed greater degrees of crowd engagement. Specifically, the beginning of this performance began with Dan Carillo introducing himself, and then the other members of his quarter to the audience. While this is a traditional aspect of concerts, with the context of analysis it is notable as it brings the audience closer to the performers. Specifically, by introducing themselves to the audience it establishes

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that in this particular context the music isn’t merely a dispassionate mode of entertainment, but instead a living and breathing entity occurring in front of them. This connection was further heightened as Carillo addressed the audience and explained some of the background elements related to the piece. ‘Play 2’ from the outset was noticeably different from ‘Play 1’ gone was the minimalist melody and in its place was a full and complex sound. Rather than implementing the percussion as a means to experimentally augment the melody it functioned in a more traditional way, advancing the upbeat rhythm and allowing the harmonization between the guitars and piano to come to the forefront. The pace of this song remained upbeat throughout, with specific interludes set aside for improvisational or free form guitar experimentation. While the opening two performances largely implemented jazz conventions, ‘Play 3’ incorporated more elements from traditional rhythm and blues. In these regards, it can be termed a sort of hybrid of the first two tracks. The rhythm of this piece was downbeat without the minimalism exemplified in the opening track. Rather implement degrees of experimentation it seems the downbeat rhythm functioned as a means of highlighting the specific players. There was limited melody, instead greater emphasis on experimenting with time scales. Still, the opening melody seemed to be influenced by traditional blues. Towards the end of the track the quarter became more focused on traditional jazz improvisation. There was an interlude with piano and drums, and then an improvisational duet that featured bass and piano. Towards the end of the track the group returned to its earlier blues inspired elements. ‘Play 4’ can perhaps be called the most traditional ‘fusion’ track among the four analyzed. While ‘Play 1’ implemented percussion in an experimental context this track begins with an experimental guitar solo. The rhythm


Jazz review; The Dan Carillo Quartet Through the evolution of music includes significant hybrid creation. The 20th century witnessed the development of both jazz and rock styles. While they were initially set off on their own trajectories, eventually they became united under the ‘fusion’ jazz style…
The Dan Carillo Quartet
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