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European Agri-Business and Regression Equation - Essay Example

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The data under study contains the end-of-year figures (employees and sales) for some of the main European agri-business companies. These 22 companies mainly sell food and drink. Moreover, the figures given are for business activity within Europe only…
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European Agri-Business and Regression Equation
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Download file to see previous pages The least sales of a company are 2 billion Euros while the highest sales account to 23 billion Euros. The average sale of a company is 5.56 billion Euros at a standard deviation of 4.32.
The analysis of the sales and employees data suggested that Tate & Lyle in the UK has a contribution to sales per employee at 73% and the lowest contribution of 14% by Cadbury Schweppes at UK. 19% of the total sales are attributed to Nestle at Zurich while 14% of the sales have happened in the UK. Moreover, total sales were registered in December 2006.
Further analysis of the data, as shown in Figure 1, indicates that increase in sales is not always due to increase in employees and vice versa. For example, even though Tate and Lyle have 5000 employees, but have sales of 4 billion Euros. On the other hand, Euro Puleva has a sale of 2 billion Euros (half of Tate and Lyle) with 6000 employees. The reason behind this is that sales are not only dependent on the number of employees; rather there are several factors like the price of the product, geography, consumer behavior, etc.
The present study considers two factors; sales and employees. Therefore, in order to analyze the relationship between the two variables, Correlation is the best statistical tool. Table 1 shows the correlation matrix generated using SPSS.
The correlation coefficient of 0.923 at the significant level of 0.01 suggests that there is a strong relationship between the number of employees and the number of sales a company has. This means that there is a strong relationship as indicated by the significant value of 0.000. This means that the size of the company is directly proportional to the sales of the company. Thus if the number of employees in a company is increased the sales will also increase.
After finding a positive relationship between the two variables, the amount of influence the number of employees has on the sales of the company has to beccient of determination. Thus if the number of employees in a company is increased the sales will also increase. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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