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Project: IKEA Company - Essay Example

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Project: IKEA Company Business Management Case Study Contents Page Background…………………………………………………… 3 Introduction……………………………………………………6 Problem/Issue…………………………………………
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Project: IKEA Company
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"Project: IKEA Company"

Download file to see previous pages ..…...…18 Post-Intervention Data Collection: ……………………..…..19 Conclusion and Recommendations……………………....….20 Works Cited……………………………………………..……23 Harris Kamran Business Management Case Study 16 July 2011 Project: IKEA Company Background: Many factors play a role in the growth and development of a multi-national company, ranging from administrative (Lebrenz) to cultural and socio-economic aspects of an organization. As the company size and scope increases, the issues regarding its management increase in their dimensions, and more complex and advanced models and approaches need to be applied in order to cater to the expanding horizons of the company. Such a company can be viewed as a person; as the person grows and matures, his needs increase both in amount and complexity. Also, due to the interactions with society, which increases in frequency and changes in nature, there is a need for an ever-evolving approach to the changing dimensions of that person. Same is the case with companies. As they expand and especially when they venture towards a multi-national status, there needs and organization evolves radically and quite quickly. Hence, there is a need for a management approach that is open to change and prone to improvement, and that has the flexibility (Lebrenz) to accommodate the different sets of values and methods that become critical to the company’s financial and organizational health. In the absence of such an open-ended approach, there is the dire threat of the collapse of the company, or in the least, a hampering of its expansion, growth, profits and revenues. The kind of methods employed by the company depends upon its administration, that is, the managerial body (Lebrenz) and the other parties that are in authority, such as the stakeholders and partners (Armitstead). This is especially true in the cases of conventional, hard edged companies (Truss) that believe in the dictum of ruling and being ruled (Truss). That is, the management holds the supreme authority, while the workers are answerable to their bosses, and hold limited say in matters (SRDS). For such companies, it is the management (SRDS) that determines the climate and culture of the company, which is essential for its continued success as a business (Lebrenz). This is where human resource management comes into play. This concept is relatively new as compared to the other concepts of company management (SRDS). The need to develop this new field of study was the expansion of companies globally, which was influenced by the sudden bloom in the globalization (Lebrenz) of businesses in the recent years. What was first considered a local or indigenous business was suddenly exposed to the whole world, in a manner of speaking, and suddenly it was not isolated anymore. Many other factors started exerting their pressure on the company, which needed a new approach to handle the radical shift of globalization (Lebrenz). Suddenly, it was not enough to consider the company as a business only, with people working as a resource ( The change in view meant that the company was more humanized in its existence, that workers were considered as humans first and workers second ( Of course, this approach meant that new departments would have to be created in the companies just for the handling of the new entity of human workers. Such a department was that of human resource ma ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Ikea issues within th company
...IKEA issues within the company Introduction IKEA is a surreptitiously held, intercontinental home products vendor that sells bunch furniture, accessories and kitchen items in their vend stores around the globe. IKEA was established in 1943 by Ingvar Kamprad in Sweden,, and it is possessed by a Dutch registered institution run by the Kamprad family. The IKEA idea started when Ingvar Kamprad, an industrialist from the Smaland region in southern Sweden had a pioneering thought. In Smaland, even though the soil is emaciated and meager, the inhabitants have a status for ...
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...? IKEA Table of Contents Overview of IKEA 3 Define IKEA 3 IKEA’S History 3 IKEA Today 4 2.Macro-environment of IKEA 5 3.Micro environment of IKEA 7Strengths – 7 Weakness- 8 Opportunities- 9 Threats- 10 4.Evidence of an analysis of the key resources that IKEA might utilise to achieve strategic success 10 5.A Strategic Plan for the Next Five Years 11 References 12 1. Overview of IKEA Define IKEA In this age of stiff economic condition and tough competition, IKEA is one of the recognised brands of Sweden, dealing in the segment of ready-to-assembled...
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...IKEA Introduction: IKEA is a do-it-yourself, low cost, furniture retailer. The company offers a wide range of products of good quality at affordableprices and 90% of its furniture can be assembled at home by the buyer. The Company has been referred to as the “Macdonalds” of furniture, due to the large number of its retail outlets and the millions of visitors at these outlets. IKEA has about 12,000 product designs, with 2400 suppliers in 65 countries. This research study will examine IKEA’s business strategy in implementing stores in different countries. IKEA retains its distinctive Swedish identity in that all stores are...
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...IKEA Consumer and Organisational Behaviour Consumers’ Level of Involvement and IKEA’s Marketing Plan The perceived level of risk of consumers is high when it comes to buy furnishing products therefore, consumer involvement level is high. Perceived Risk It has affected IKEA’s marketing plan in the following way. Post Purchase Evaluation at IKEA and its Impact on Marketing Plan IKEA is offering its products worldwide however; company has been offering its standardised products until it accessed US market. When the sales of IKEA declined after entering into US market, company had to conduct a research based on which it found that consumers in US did not like European furniture styles and dimensions. Based on consumer feedback, IKEA... ...
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Ikea company
..., a consistent message will be delivered to the customers. Being an international company IKEA should adopt a globalised approach however, because of significant impact of culture in furniture industry, localised advertisement approach will be selected. The localisation approach can create consistency problems for IKEA (Wells, Burnett, & Moriarty, 2006). To keep the consistency in message while focusing on localised approach, it will be ensured that message of the ad conveyed through different mediums has significant consistency in its content, positioning of brand and feel of the ad. Therefore, advertisements for all mediums will be developed in consideration to target market, brand...
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IKEA company
...Distribution, Logistics and Retailing Can your company successfully use both retail store distribution and distribution through its traditional direct-selling approach? Justify your answer. IKEA is a huge global company and company sells its products through its retail store distribution network. More than 10,000 products of the company are being manufactured by 1600 suppliers and transported to 186 stores of IKEA around the world and stored in 27 central warehouses of the company (IKEA, 2003). Therefore, the size of company, range of its products and its supply chain strategies make retail store distribution most appropriate for IKEA. Moreover, with this huge product range and global distribution network, direct selling approach... is not...
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Project report-Ikea Estates
...Project report-Ikea E s Contents Contents 2 Introduction 4 Background of the Study 4 Advertising image inside a Boklok home 5 Overview to Prefab Housing 5 Prefab Housing industry in UK: an Overview 6 Factors Affecting the Viability of Prefabricated Housing in 21st Century UK 7 Developing the Marketing Plan 8 Information Gathering 9 Analysis 9 SWOT Analysis 9 PEST Analysis 10 Product Ife Cycle Analysis 12 Target Market Analysis 13 Objective 14 Strategy 14 Product Strategy 14 Price Strategy 14 Place or distribution Strategy 15 Promotion Strategy 15 Measurement and Control 16 Conclusion 16 References 18 Bibliography 19 Introduction A marketing plan is an integral part of the overall business plan. A marketing plan can be described... as the...
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...IKEA Contents Contents 2 Introduction 3 Methods of International Market Entry 3 Motivation for International Expansion 9 Retailers Expansion StrategyModels 13 Success of IKEA in the International Market 17 Conclusion 20 20 Reference List 21 Introduction In the current era, extent of competition among corporate firms has significantly increased with rise in scope and scale of business internationalization. The success of a business firm in the contemporary world can be analyzed from its nature of international business expansion and proficiency. This portfolio report tries to throw light on the business of IKEA, which is a multinational company of Sweden. The firm was first established in 1940 and engages in designing and selling... ...
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...Research paper: IKEA IKEA IKEA is a company of Swedish origin that is registered in the Netherlands and is involved in the business of designing and selling furniture that is ready-to-assemble such as desks chairs, beds, home accessories and appliances .Statistics as of the beginning of 2008,IKEA was rated as the world’s biggest furniture retailer. The company was founded in 1943 by a 17-year old boy, Ingvar Kamprad in Sweden. The name of the company is an acronym that is made up of the initials of Ingvar Kamprad, Elmtayrd (the ranch in which he was raised up), and Agunnaryd (his native land Smaland, south...
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IKEA Company
...Insert Case Study of the IKEA Company The IKEA is the leading company in furniture production globally that its profits were rumored to increasing each and every year (Haskel and Wolf). The founder of the business which is known as Ingvar Kamprad is old enough not to run the business, but he steps in not to run it but on how the company is run. Apart from giving advice to his founded company, he is believed to be the richest is his country. The company was found in 1943, and it is based in Sweden. In the initial businesses that the companies run, it started with selling fish, Christmas magazines, and seeds that come from the farm that the family owned. The company not only did such kind of business but also did some transactions... for...
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