The Clapham Junction Rail Disaster - Literature review Example

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The object of analysis for the purpose of this paper "The Clapham Junction Rail Disaster" is the Clapham Junction Rail accident as one of the worst accidents that ever occurred in London. The accident occurred during the morning rush hour in South London (Hoel, et al., 2011, p. 525)…
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The Clapham Junction Rail Disaster
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Download file to see previous pages The Clapham Junction Rail accident was taken seriously by the British Government as it exposed the major weaknesses in the rail transport system.
Lorna and Chris (1996) said the Clapham Junction Rail accident occurred on 12th December 1988. On that day at 8:10 am, a crowded commuter train rammed onto the rear side of another commuter train that was standing on the southern side of Clapham Junction station. The events that led to the occurrence of the accident were that at 7:18 am; a first commuter train service from Basingstoke was standing on the fast lane. According to Lorna and Chris (1996), the second commuter train, the 6:14 am service from Poole was proceeding under clear signals on the up fast line and was behind the Basingstoke commuter train. Since there was no signal indicating that the Basingstoke commuter train standing, the commuter trains from Poole proceeded normally and upon rounding a sharp curve found Basingstoke train standing. The driver tried to apply emergency brakes, but it was too late: consequently, an inevitable collision occurred. The force with which they collided was so immense that it forced the leading coach across to the right where it caught the 8:03 am empty Haslemere commuter train. As a result of the collisions, the occupants of the first three Poole train coaches incurred the most serious injuries. Following the accident, the front third of the leading coach was severely damaged. The coach that was behind the leading coach also had its left-hand side ripped off.
Following the accident, Anthony Hidden QC report (1989) says the driver of the Basingstoke commuter train which was standing just by the telephone made a call to the signalman. He informed the signalman of the terrible accident and also requested the signalman to alert the emergency services (Railway Accident Investigation Unit, 2011). When they were alerted of the accident, the signalman responded instantly and switched all the signals to “danger” and also signaled the adjacent signal boxes that there was a problem with the line i.e. an obstruction. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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